About Munchies Art Club Magazine

Published on
11 Jan 2022
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The Munchies Art Club magazine and platform is a place where artists, gallerists, art buyers, art lovers, collectors and those who participate and are interested in the art world connect. Offering a curated selection of artists to discover, exhibitions to view and artwork to buy. We write about all kinds of news from the art world that catches our eye.

Mission munchies art club:

The Munchies Art Club is a global international art platform online gallery and magazine dedicated to the young contemporary arts, artists, galleries, art fairs, and all others in the arts field.

The Munchies Art Club presents emerging and established featured artists, top exhibitions, and selected shows in their online viewing rooms and art news sections.

“All for one and one for all.” The three musketeers quote

Its founder Dominique Foertig and her curatorial and adviser team support new talents and established artists and feature them on their social media channels and their art platform, with a strong focus on Instagram.

The Munchies Team is open to working together with galleries and artists on exciting projects and can be contacted at any time to discuss options of support for any ideas or upcoming events.

Dominique Foertig