About Munchies Art Club Magazine: Celebrating Emerging Artists and Cutting-Edge Exhibitions together with Art Observatory Association

Published on
5.September 2023
all about the new munchies art club magazine
Art Observatory association and Munchies Art Club Magazine :

Welcome to Munchies Art Club Magazine, a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting and supporting the world of contemporary art.

Since 2023, we have transformed into Munchies Art Club Magazine, collaborating closely with the newly established Art Observatory Association.

Together, we form a collective of curators, art enthusiasts, and collectors, driven by our passion for artistic exploration.

Mission munchies art club:

At Munchies Art Club Magazine, our mission is to nurture and showcase talented artists, ranging from young emerging artists to mid-career professionals.

We believe in the power of art to inspire, provoke, and ignite conversations.

Through our curated club, we provide a platform for artists to showcase their art practices, submit their artworks, and share their personal stories.

One exciting development in 2023 is the introduction of our submission form, where artists can submit their art practices, artworks, and artist profiles.

Selected works will be featured on our website, Instagram, and other social media channels, amplifying their visibility and reach to a global audience.

This initiative allows us to champion artists from diverse backgrounds, including those studying at art universities and academies worldwide, providing them with attention and support during their creative journeys.

We also welcome galleries to join us as patrons, offering them the opportunity to showcase their artists and exhibitions on our platform.

The submission of exhibitions is free, and we actively promote them on our website and Instagram, ensuring maximum exposure for both the artists and the galleries.

To maintain our digital infrastructure, update our website, and utilize the latest Instagram tools, we rely on the generous support of donors.

By contributing to Munchies Art Club Magazine, you help us provide our readers and fans with a high-quality selection of contemporary art today, featuring spotlights and in-depth features.

Join us in celebrating the vibrant world of art and become a part of our community.

Together, let's discover, appreciate, and share the transformative power of art.

Thank you for your support.

Dominique Foertig

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