The Munchies Art club dives head on into the Summer of 2022 and inspired by David Hockney's “a bigger splash” we share with you a selection of artists painting swimming pools.

The pool and its crystal blue fluid, glistening and shimmering, unmoving when untouched, lures us into its crystal cold water and the smell of chlorine in the air trigger wonderful childhood memories of summers past. 

contemporary art daily, david hockney
Lena Trydal | Mr. Hockney teaching me how to paint a pool | 2021 | Oil on canvas | 138 x 168 | Photo: Ole Erik Løvold 

List of Artists: Dive Deeper into there Swimming Pools


The contemporary French artist Jean-Robert Alcindor lives in Le Bouscat, France and is one of our dear featured artists.

He is a psychoanalyst during the day and a compulsive self-taught painter in the evening.

jean robert alcindor, painter
11 Contemporary Artist with Swimming Pools -> Artist: Jean-Robert Alcindor | Swimming pool « Un soir d’été » | 2022 | Acrylic on canvas | 54x81cm 

Cartoonist wannabe in his early youth.

One day he swapped his pencils for a guitar and devoted a fair bit of time to music in various surf music and punk rock bands.

Jean-Robert Alcindor | Contemporary Figurative Painter on the rise !
The contemporary French artist Jean-Robert Alcindor lives in Le Bouscat, France. He is a psychoanalyst during the day and a compulsive self-taught painter in the evening. The contemporary French artist Jean-Robert Alcindor lives in Le Bouscat, France. He is a psychoanalyst during the day and a compulsive self-taught painter in

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In 2018 he bought his first canvas and has never stopped since.


Katharina Arndt (b.1981) is a Contemporary artist from Germany who lives and works between Berlin and Barcelona. 

She studied Fine Arts at Braunschweig school of art and later on obtained her Master of Fine Arts by John Armleder. 

katharina arndt, female painter
11 Contemporary Artist with Swimming Pools-> Artist: Katharina Arndt | Pool by the sea | 2021 | 130 x 90 cm | Marker, airbrush and acrylic paint on white lacquer fabric

Her fast and colorful paintings ironizes the contemporary mass consumerist aesthetic of a decadent, abundant society in picturing her everyday life in the digital age. 

Katharina Arndt , fresh face in contemporary art and painting from Berlin on View
Katharina Arndt with fresh paintings from Berlin Germany Katharina Arndt (b.1981) is a Contemporary artist from Germany who lives and works between Berlin and Barcelona. She studied Fine Arts at Braunschweig school of art and later on obtained her Master of Fine Arts by John Armleder. Her fast and

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Her work has been shown in several galleries and museums in Europe, including the Saatchi Gallery (London), Museum Villa Rot (Burgrieden), Kunstverein (Hannover). Katharina is also one of our wonderful featured artists. 


Chang Wei-Chiao, born in Kaohsiung City in 1984, has been fond of painting since childhood. He studied in the Department of Fine Arts and Visual Arts in both high school and university and graduated from the Graduate School of the Fine Arts Department of National Taiwan University of the Arts.

He continues to create paintings on weekdays.

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The water in the swimming pool is painted in pink with fluorescent effect, not only to bring a novel and avant-garde feeling to the viewers, but also to leave more room for the viewers to imagine. 

The swimming pool is a place full of happiness, relaxation and far away from the hustle and bustle in most people's hearts. 

chang wei-chiao, pool
Chang Wei-Chiao | Surrounded by woods | 2022 | 116.5 x 91 cm | Acrylic on canvas 2022

Most of the related activities by the swimming pool also require wearing a swimsuit that is close- fitting and can show your body. In addition to the beautiful copper body and easy physical contact, you can always enjoy the beautiful body by the swimming pool.

After jumping into the pool, it is as if Being in a moment of relief from the stressful real life, the fluorescent pink swimming pool is like a field full of desire and joy, a happy distribution center. 

The swimming pool always attracts people who seek liberation to move forward and stay in. Have fun in the pool.

Even if the happiness and relief brought by the swimming pool are time-sensitive, after getting up, you still have to return to the real life full of stress, but most people already know in their hearts that as long as they take off their heavy coats, they can temporarily get rid of the problems of life. of heavy shackles. 


My name is Nadia Fediv.

I am an artist who is currently based in Chicago, Illinois. I create paintings that represent myself, my childhood, past insecurities, constant feeling of awkwardness, and isolation from the world.

I incorporate landscapes from my neighborhood, childhood memories, interests, and what it was like growing up in my hometown with immigrant parents. The title of the painting is “Drowning”. This painting is dedicated to my brother.

nadia fediv, pool painting, female art
11 Contemporary Artist with Swimming Pools -> Artist: Nadia Fediv | Drowning | June 2022 | Acrylic on canvas | 50x68 inches 

My brother and I had to learn early in life how hard it was to carry the weight of other people's pain. We had to learn from a very young age how to have each other's back during moments of hurt. Ivan was my built in best friend and someone I still turn to when in need of serenity.

My mom growing up did not have the love you see what other families have. She taught me from a young age how to carry hurt but never to pass on to other people. To make life worth living for even when things come crashing down.

Nadia Fediv: Unveiling Personal Narratives Through Art
Nadia Fediv explores identity and memory through art, reflecting on her immigrant background and childhood experiences. Her work delves into personal and cultural narratives, offering a poignant look at her journey.

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My dad wasn’t around or wanted to put effort to come on trips my mom would plan as a family. He didn't put much effort into building memories as we grew older. I am so thankful for my brother Ivan.

Even though we had to witness a lot of hurt, we had each other. Even days when it felt like we were both drowning. 


Kate Longmaid is a Vermont artist who specializes in contemporary portraiture, still life, and landscape painting.

Working from life, Kate paints in oil and acryla gouache in the alla prima tradition.

kate longmaid , female artist abstract version in green swimming pool
11 Contemporary Artist with Swimming Pools -> Artist: Kate Longmaid “Pool Grid” | 2021 | Oil on cradled wood panel | 16” (H) x 20” (W) x 1 1/2” (D) | Photo by Andy Duback of Duback Photography

Her work was featured in the exhibition "Body of Work: New Perspectives on Figure Painting" at the National Museum of Women in the Arts in Washington, D.C. as part of the museum's biennial exhibition series Women to Watch.

Kate's paintings have been exhibited in galleries and museums on the East and West Coast and in Canada and are held in private collections throughout the U.S.


Lucinda Metcalfe’s vivid paintings are inspired by places we recognise from holiday brochures and advertisements.

She is fascinated by our society’s obsession with travel and of accumulating images, all promising so much, yet unable to deliver, revealing the ephemeral nature of leisure time satisfaction.

lucinda metcalfe, summer paintings from 11 artists and swimming pools munchies art club
11 Contemporary Artist with Swimming Pools Artist Lucinda Metcalfe -> ‘Summer Reflections’. 2022. Oil on canvas. 40x50cm | Photographer and painter Lucinda Metcalfe

Lucinda draws inspiration from her time spent living in Cyprus but also from places closer to home in the British Isles.

She first started exploring artificial landscapes as a subject when she lived near Clacton on Sea, a place she still photographs, inspired by the garish amusement arcades and the often abandoned fairground rides on the pier.

Lucinda’s sometimes abstract and fluid style creates an inter-play between the reflections and distortions of the water’s surface. Visible paint drips invite the viewer to look beyond appearances. The artist’s use of colour; most notably the persistent fluorescent ground, speaks of the over saturation of holiday advertising and our Instagram-fed world.

Lucinda Metcalfe gained her MA with distinction at the Slade School of Fine Art in 2001. She was selected for NewContemporaries as part of the Liverpool Biennale and shown at the Barbican Curve. She has since untaken residencies at theCyprus School of Art in Paphos and with singer/songwriter Imogen Heap.

She is currently represented by Gala Fine Art and exhibits regularly in the UK.


Steve Negrón's paintings express desires, fears, and mischievous intentions.

An educator and award winning artist, Negrón has shown his paintings in numerous exhibitions in New York and Massachusetts.

steve negron, swimming and pool
11 Contemporary Artist with Swimming Pools-> Artist: Steve Negrón | 'Hector eschewed the forecast...and his swimsuit' | 2022 | Acrylic on panel |12X12" (30.5X30.5 cm)

Steve Negrón studied at Parsons School of Design in New York and the School of the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston.

He currently maintains a small studio in his home outside of Boston but will be relocating with his spouse and their corgi to the eastern coast of Italy before the next brutal New England winter.


Sophie Sachs: After completing my Masters of Architecture at the University of Queensland, I worked as a lead designer with Urban Art Projects in public art for 5 years. I now works as a full- time artist in my home studio in Brisbane, Australia

My work aims to capture the beauty and intricacy of everyday objects and experiences.

sophie sachs, beautiful paintings swimming pool
11 Contemporary Artist with Swimming Pools-> Artist: Sophie Sachs | UQ Pool | 2021 | Acrylic on canvas | 46 x 46cm, | Image credit Printroom editions

Living in Australia, the strong sunlight plays an important role in all of my works.

As natural lighting is so fluid and ever-changing, my works become about capturing an exact moment in time.

I aim to highlight and examine details that may normally go unnoticed.


Vibeke Slyngstad (b. 1968) lives and works in Oslo, and is one of Norway’s most prominent contemporary figurative painters.

She received her education at the Oslo National Academy of the Arts and has exhibited extensively locally and abroad. Slyngstad is known for her psychologically poignant figures and interiors.

Her painting style is anchored in Romanticism while referring equally to contemporary photography’s critical view on the impact of human existence. In the paintings each location has its own distinct expression based on its geography, climate and vegetation, alongside local culture, and history.

Each brush stroke has its own value as Slyngstad never reworks a stroke she is not content with. Instead, she starts the stroke afresh. This results in the qualities of a watercolour.

vibeke slygstad, norwegian artist 11 artist famous with there work in contemporary art swimming pool
11 Contemporary Artist with Swimming Pools-> Artist:Vibeke Slyngstad | The Nordic Pavilion I 2009 | Size: 182x260 cm | Photographer: Øystein Thorvaldsen | The owner of this painting is Christen Sveaas Art Foundation

One can admire the calligraphic virtuosity with which she paints a twig and creates a living abstract ornament of lines and dots. The result is the artist’s trademark: paintings charged with poignant tension – and resistance.

In 2009 she was represented at the Venice Biennial as part of the exhibition The Collectors, curated by Elmgreen & Dragset.

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The painting The Nordic Pavilion was part of that show and was a natural development of her Modern Classics series, where rigorous spaces of modern architecture become a sort of action midway between reality and illusion. 

In 2022 she took part of the show Interaction in Fondazione Made in Cloister (Naples), On the Wall at Building Gallery (Milan) and Art Paris Art Fair. Slyngstad is represented in several private and public collections. 


Bastiaan van Stenis is a South African artist and a descendant of the renowned 19th Century English painter John Thomas Baines. Bastiaan is primarily a self taught artist but at a young age he received private art tutoring and Guidance.

After his schooling in 2000, Bastiaan then began to fully dedicate himself to painting and commenced exhibiting his work, an endeavour that he continues to this day.

In his own words

“What Drives Me Is The Process, The Creating, And The Creation Itself Is Just Another Stop On The Way".

His paintings are expressed using a diverse range of tools and mediums including paint, cloth, encaustic wax, hair, glues and collage. His other projects include taxidermy and sculpture.

Bastiaan’s work is Identifiable through his unique use of colour and texture, the artist provides audiences with a reflexive view of the world. His is an oeuvre that compels us to look and look again as he contradicts distinct, yet inextricably linked subjects through a montage of techniques and sound draughtsmanship.

bastiaan van stenis, south african painter 11 artist famous with there work in contemporary art swimming pool
11 Contemporary Artist with Swimming Pools-> Artist:Bastiaan van Stenis | A place for us |2019 | Oil on canvas | 120x120 cm

Van Stenis grew up with art as an essential tool in his dialogue with the world. Bastiaan van Stenis continues to bend our minds and exhibits the contradictions inherent in the everyday.

His works are monuments that oscillate between the quiet composure of nature and the chaos of human internal conflicts. Through juxtaposition of subjects and media, van Stenis calls on the beauty of the un-answerability of larger existential questions.


Lena Trydal (b. 1994, Kristiansand, Norway) works with figurative paintings featuring iconic images and symbols from western popular culture, rooted in satire drawing and pop art.

Based on images collected from Google Images, her paintings are arranged on her canvases like painted collages.

As a figurative painter, I can create any scenario with anyone.

It can be a place to visualize impossible dreams, like learning to paint from a young David Hockney by his swimming pool in Los Angeles in the 1960s.

lena trydal and david hockney, 11 artist famous with there work in contemporary art swimming pool
11 Contemporary Artist with Swimming Pools-> Artist:Lena Trydal | Mr. Hockney teaching me how to paint a pool | 2021 | Oil on canvas | 138 x 168 | Photo: Ole Erik Løvold

Trydal studied at the University of Oslo, the Royal Academy of Art (KABK) in The Hague and the Metafora Studio Arts Program in Barcelona.

She has previously participated in exhibitions at Den Frie, Arteriet, TM51 and Agder Kunstsenter, and participates in the opening exhibition of the newNational Museum of Art, Architecture and Design, "I Call It Art".

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