Elongated Figures and Emotions: Sacha Grandemange's Artistic Journey

Academy of Fine Arts Vienna
puplished on
June 5, 2023
Artist Name
Sacha Grandemange
Les Ragots / The gossips | 150x130cm | Oil on canvas

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Sacha Grandemange

The Captivating World of Sacha Grandemange: Obsessive Paintings Unveiled through Time and Patience

Sacha Grandemange tells us about his work: 

I’m a painter and I think in colors, how I depict an emotion is the question that I’m asking myself everyday.

The paintings that I make obsess me, they reveal themselves to me through time and they require patience.

My practice allows me to ask questions and depict some feelings that are buried inside myself, they are creating a space between my inner world and an audience. I

’m concerned about the situation of the world and how to deal with modern existence.

At the moment I’m focused on painting elongated figures that are human like, they evolve in surroundings that are sometimes landscapes similar to untouched nature and sometimes city like.

The figures are very dynamic and represent a constant movement they are interacting with the surrounding and each other, they represent personal experiences and questions that are active in my mind at the moment where I’m painting.

Sometimes i see myself in the figures and they make me realize how I’m acting as a human, i hope they do it to the audience as well. 

Images and text courtesy the artist

Images on view below:

Caption 1: Empaqueter et partir / Packing and leaving 150x 170 oil on canvas 2023 

Caption 2: Les experiences de la vie / Life’s experiences 150x170 oil on canvas 2023 

Caption 3: Toutes ces histoires à écrire/ All these stories to write | 150x170cm | Oil on canvas

Caption 3: Rester sur terre/ To stay on earth | 210x 175 cm | Oil on canvas

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