Olga Shcheblykina: An Artist Redefining Expressionism and Abstraction in Fine Art

University Of Arts Linz, Painting class of Ursula Hübner
puplished on
May 15, 2023
Artist Name
Olga Shcheblykina
Sticks | 2023 | Oil on canvas | 50 x 50 cm

Artist Munchies Art club Magazine Discovers:

Olga Shcheblykina

The Delicate Balance: Navigating Sensitivity and Cruelty in Art

Introducing Olga Shcheblykina, student University Of Arts Linz, Painting class of Ursula Hübner.

As an artist, I am fascinated by the complexities of the human condition and the themes of self-transformation and feminism.

Through my paintings and sculptures, I explore the tension between sensitivity and cruelty and the ways in which we transform ourselves and our environment. 

Images and text courtesy the artist.

Artworks in order of appearance:

caption 1: Untitled | 2023 | Mixed media on canvas | 186 x 135 cm 

caption 2: The Kings Bodies | 2023 | Oil on canvas | 80 x 60 cm 

caption 3: Flowers | 2023 | Oil on canvas | 24 x 18 cm 

caption 4: Pandora's vessel | 2023 | Mixed media | 105 x 83 x 50 cm 

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