Breaking Boundaries in Art: An Analysis of Masa Sallai's Paintings

University of Applied Arts Vienna Class of Judith Eisler
puplished on
May 3, 2023
Artist Name
Masa Sallai
On fire | Acrylic on canvas | 80x120cm dyptich

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Masa Sallai

Merging Reality and Imagination: Rethinking Everyday Actions in Masa Sallai's Art

Masa Sallai is a student at the University of Applied Arts Vienna.

"I most of the time depict characters who are in the center, whom interact with their surrounding.

I like to treat the sourrounding the same way as my figures, giving livelyness, dynamic to objects.

I choose specific protagontists from concrete fields of life and play with their pecularities, stage them and show how they present themselves.

Intertwining objects with people, making them connect more on the image, unsetting physical boundaries means depiciting actions more powerfully to me.

I usually portray familiar everyday actions I encounter, then try to rethink and merge them and play with emphasizing only certain elements I find interesting. 

Images and text courtesy the artist

Images on view in gallery below in order of appearance:

1. Emergency Acrylic on canvas 60x60cm

2. Feast Acrylic on Canvas 100x70cm 

3. 1 2 3 Acrylic and Graphite on canvas 100x70cm 

4. Show time Acrylic on canvas 80x58cm 

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