Colorful Portrayals of Intimacy: The Art of Magdalena Herzog

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Explore the mesmerizing paintings of Magdalena Herzog, an Austrian-based art student from the University of Art and Design Linz, known for capturing the intimacy and stillness of relationships in her art.

Magdalena Herzog

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Female Gaze | Oil on canvas | 110 x 150 cm | 2022

The Stillness of Womanhood: A Figurative Journey

Magdalena Herzog (*1995 in Salzburg) is an Austrian painter who currently resides and works in Linz, Austria.

After completing the Masterclass for Painting with Klaus Schuster at the Ortweinschule in Graz, she is currently studying Fine Arts, Painting at the University of Arts in Linz under the guidance of Professor Ursula Hübner.

Her medium of choice is painting and drawing, through which she captures moments of stillness, intimacy, and relationships.

A central theme in her work is the experience of womanhood and its associated perspectives.

Her unique use of colors, which draws inspiration from her personal experiences and memories, is a defining feature of her art.

A female gaze is a series of works in which I have been dealing with the topic of "being looked at" and "observed" in the context of bathing and swimming in public spaces as a female read person and the experience of learning to describe your body through the gaze of others. 

Images and text courtesy the artist

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