The Art of Visualizing Hidden Sensations and Emotions: Luzie Bommert's Work

University of Applied Arts Vienna | Painting and Animation | Class of Judith Eisler
puplished on
May 10, 2023
Artist Name
Luzie Bommert
"I Take Care Of You" | 100x86 cm | Oil on Canvas | 2022

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Luzie Bommert

The Role of Emotion in Luzie Bommert's Work

Introducing Luzie Bommert student at the University of Applied Arts Vienna, die Angewandte, Painting and Animation in the Class of Judith Eisler.

"I wonder what else is hidden in a body, by hiding what’s visible and make visible what’s hidden.

I make sensations comprehensible, by painting a storyline to embed them in, and aim to visualize feelings.

As the artist, I filter everything around me, so the works deal with universal topics and emotions, transformed through an actual body, that is a version of me. "

Images and text courtesy the artist.

Artworks in order of appearance:

caption 1: "I Can`t Handle the Passing of Time and How Everything Makes No Sense" | 72x55 cm | Oil on Canvas | 2023 

caption 2: "Living From Hand to Mouth (Still in Control)" | 85x75cm | Oil on Canvas | 2022 

caption 3: "Picking Flowers" | 60x45 cm | Oil on Canvas | 2023 

caption 4: "Tell Me Your Story And I'll Tell You Mine"  | 66x50 cm | Oil on Canvas | 2022 

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