The Power of Introspection: Jan Christoph Wagner's Surrealistic Artistic Journey

Dresden Academy of Fine Arts Class Prof. Helen Verhoeven
puplished on
May 28, 2023
Artist Name
Jan Christoph Wagner
Construction/ exploration/ collapse

Artist Munchies Art club Magazine Discovers:

Jan Christoph Wagner

Portraits of the Personal and the Profound

Jan Christoph Wagner tells us about his work: 

As an artist, my work delves into the intricate and often unspoken aspects of human experience and personality.

By bringing up intimate subjects that are typically only discussed among close friends, I seek to create a space for reflection and understanding, drawing viewers into a world of introspection. 

Images and text courtesy the artist-

Following images on view:

Caption 1: Split / Parallel Lives 

Caption 2: Man / Where are you going? 

Caption 3: The room / house 

Caption 4: Der Kuss (inside / outside) 

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