Unveiling Emma Kling's Wooden Object Paintings: A Unique Blend of Form and Function

University of Applied Arts Vienna, Class of Judith Eisler
puplished on
May 2, 2023
Artist Name
Emma Kling
The eye of the weeping willow | 140x100cm | Oil on Cotton | 2022

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Emma Kling

Adapting to New Realities: Emma Kling's Inspiring Use of Haptics in Painting

By mimicking and fusing skins-like surfaces and industrially produced fabrics in my paintings, I want to create new haptics that could possibly be used by humans as aids to navigate and adapt to new realities.

As the near future today is globally unpredictable, it is unclear how surfaces and materialities will deform with all the other expected changes. 

Emma Kling is a student at the University of Applied Arts Vienna, in the Class of Judith Eisler.

Images and text courtesy the artist

Images below in order of appearance:

  1. Wolkendecke (Cloudcover) | 140x100cm | Oil on Cotton | 2023
  2. Geta VIII. "The monument has gone from the pedestal" | 35x15x3cm | Oil, tempera on pearwood | 2023 
  3. Geta i. "eidechse" | 26x13x3cm | Oil, tempera on maple | 2023 
  4. Geta ii. "camouflage" 26x13x3cm, oil, tempera on maple, 2023 

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