Analyzing the Self Through the Art of Ariel Shefi

Academy of Fine Arts, Vienna | Daniel Richter class
puplished on
May 3, 2023
Artist Name
Ariel Shefi
“Look closer at your reflection in the water, it's ok I won't push you.”| Oil on canvas | 97X136 cm | 2023

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Ariel Shefi

The Impact of Personal Experience on Ariel Shefi's Artistic Vision

Ariel Shefi is an Israeli artist based in Vienna.

She was born in 2000, In the north of Israel.

Between the years 2018-2021 she studied painting at “Haneviim Atalie” in Haifa Israel.

Ariel is currently studying at The “Akademie der bildenden Künste - Wien” at Daniel Richter class.

Her main mediums are painting and drawing.

Most of her work deals with autobiographical matters such as: personal conflicts, human nature and self analyzing. 

Images and text courtesy the artist

Artworks on view in our gallery below, in order of appearance:

1.Sneak peek | Oil on canvas | 100X70 Cm | 2023 

2.My forced jewish wedding | Oil on canvas | 50X40 | 2023 

3.Untitled | Oil on canvas | 100X135 cm | 2022

4.Days of weird feeling in my stomach | Oil on canvas | 66X95 cm | 2022 

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