Gallery AAAA | Katharina Schilling and Stine Ølgod

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July 30, 2021

Gallery AAAA  | Katharina Schilling and Stine Ølgod | “Till we have faces”

We share with you the exhibition of contemporary artists Katharina Schilling and Stine Ølgod presenting their artworks at the Viennese Gallery AAAA.

If you have the chance and are in Vienna, take the time to visit the exceptional space in the 20th district.

katharina schilling, pigment, oil on canvas, 2021, stine olgod,
Agent (Bursting Coat) | Stine Ølgod | Paper, acrylics, lacquer, mirror, foil, styrofoam | 190 x 165 x 30 cm | 2021

Exhibition text:

This text emerged under hypnosis. 

I now find myself in a mirrored ground plan that has the air of a time-worn temple.

In several places, the remnants of rituals. There, a blocked portal; behind a corner, walls bricked up.

Somewhere a belly bursts out of its coat and takes a deep breath. 

paper, acrylics, lacquer, mirror, foil, styrofoam, mirror, foil, styrofoam,
Katharina Schilling and Stine Ølgod | Till we have faces

First, I turn around. It’s burning my eyes. Like the Trinity, a red onion floats positively weightless in a virtual space.

It presents itself from the front, from behind and in the middle, cut open. Seeming to exist in multiple states at once. 

Exuding sulphur dioxide, the view is distorted. 

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Katharina Schilling and Stine Ølgod | Till we have faces | AAAA Gallery

A little further, slightly bloated, glowing strokes. Electrified frocks or robes rear up before me.

Lined up in a vertical formation.

Faces missing, heads jutting out beyond the picture’s frame.

Punched out of a bigger structure.

Figures of concave curvature become distended, disembodied husks, about to dissolve into their own reflections along a horizontal line.

text, author, laura hinrichsmeyer translation, kunst dokumentation com,
Come Down to Us | Katharina Schilling | Pigment, oil on canvas | 230 x 130 cm, | 2021

Headlessly they gesticulate, casting my gaze to and fro as they do.

Solid signs blur into abstractions, forming anarchic lines far from all forms of intelligibility.

The pictures’ frames soften, flow along the roughened temple walls, drip out of the familiar form. 

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Figures of the Turn | Katharina Schilling | Pigment, oil on canvas | 150 x 270 cm | 2021

In the fluidity of painting, I float on and bump into an object, coated in woven stone.

Proud and sublime, it reminds me of an agent.

She stands angular in space, she has swallowed her own head, just doesn’t need it anymore.

Too big for the rigid corset, she’s on the brink of bursting out, she stretches up out of the horizontality of the space, like a diamond rising to great heights.

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Oh, By The Way | Katharina Schilling | Oil on canvas | 25 x 42 cm | 2021

With her dried out, once moist layers, the agent is of the same species as the onion: they come across similar in aura.

They want to negotiate something; they impel me to come closer. I have to duck down, looking behind a torn open coat onto a polished surface, see my own reflection: now I am doubled.

Realising then, however, that that’s not me, but an organic sign of my self.

contemporary, modern, figurative, painting, young art to collect
Katharina Schilling and Stine Ølgod | Till we have faces

Slightly blurred, this likeness flickers on the belly of the agent.

An interim setting is formed before raw plastered walls and fantastical trees.

Horses wade through the water and keep on stirring up the calm surface. 

wall art, female artist, emerging, original artworks, unique piece
Three Graces | Katharina Schilling | Pigment, oil on canvas | 135 x 100 cm | 2021

Turning around, the picture disappears with me.

So it is that I see certain scenarios only once, in a most particular state, like a tableau vivant that exists entirely for itself, far from my presence, and which goes on producing images indefinitely, without me there. 

drawing, installation, sculpture, installation, contemporary art
Untitled (Moving) | Katharina Schilling | Oil on canvas | 55 x 26 cm | 2021

As semiotic instruments, the objects seem to stand in a kind of reciprocal secrecy with the space and the paintings.

The heads and faces have disappeared, they provide no moment of pause, they refuse to perform.

In a conspiratorial manner, they have stepped out of the images, left the constructs.

Observing me, perhaps from a safe distance. 

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Top hat (Stunted Growth) | Stine Ølgod | Paper, acrylics, lacquer, wood | 205 x 75 cm | 2021

Or they have long since melted into a collective juice that trickles between my feet, shakes me where I’m standing, carries me off and continues to dissolve me, always bit by bit. 

Exhibition text by Laura Hinrichsmeyer

Translated by Miriam Stoney 

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The Opening (reflected) | Katharina Schilling | Oil on canvas | 40 x 20 cm | 2020

Gallery AAAA 

Kaschlgasse 4 A-1200 Vienna 

Duration: 02.07.2021 – 06.08.2021 

“Till we have faces” Exhibition by Stine Ølgod & Katharina Schilling at Gallery AAAA – Vienna

Exhibition title: 

Till we have faces 


Stine Ølgod 

Katharina Schilling 


02.07.2021 – 06.08.2021 

Text Author: 

Laura Hinrichsmeyer 

Text Translation: 

Miriam Stoney 

Gallery Info: 

Gallery AAAA 

Aljoscha Ambrosch

+43 6607376460

Website :AAAA Gallery 


Kaschlgasse 4 A-1200 Vienna 

Photo Credit: 

Exhibition text by:

Laura Hinrichsmeyer

Translated by Miriam Stoney

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