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Sarah Bogner and Josef Zekoff | Domino Exhibition

Sarah Bogner and Josef Zekoff | Ever Growing Exhibition at Gallery Raum mit Licht

The Raum mit Licht Gallery in collaboration with Munchies Art Club is pleased to present DOMINO a Series of solo and duo shows, adding artists every week. 

The exhibition DOMINO takes place at the Gallery Raum mit Licht in the Kaiserstr. 32 in the 7th district, from 16.03.2021 - 30.06.2021.

The Exhibition takes place online and analog at the Gallery Raum mit Licht space.

The invited artists have the opportunity to present new artworks and work in progress on location. 

The tenth Duo Show from 11 presents the artists Sarah Bogner and Josef Zekoff.

Header Image credit @Adrian Terzic

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Editors Letter by Suzanne Langer

For their part of the ever-growing exhibition "Domino", Josef Zekoff and Sarah Bogner have decided to look for the crux of the matter in their work and decided to include pictures from all possible worlds. 

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Sarah Bogner and Josef Zekoff | Photo and Credit by credit Jana Schröder

There are raw scraps of canvas and delicate drawings. 

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Domino Exhibition | Gallery Raum mit Licht

There is Cezanne and Picabia, hand in hand. 

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Domino | Growing group show

Nothing else matters.

That says a lot, but even a single horse can look back benevolently.

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Sarah Bogner | Untitled - smoker | 50x40 cm | 2021

Is it really just about whether to smoke or not, or non smoke or not? 

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Exhibition view

But it's never about painting or not. And it's never about publishing or not: A striking part of this contribution by Sarah Bogner and Josef Zekoff is not necessarily to be experienced on the wall, but literally on the parquet: 

global, printmaker, horses, exhibition, ornaments, symbols
Sarah Bogner | Untitled portrait | 40x35 cm | 2021

In the publication accompanying the exhibition you can not only see the mycelium-like ground with its diagonals and ornaments becoming the supporting surface, but also the connection between "City" and "Paysage", "Cezanne" and "Picabia".

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Domino | Publication centerfold

It shows the domino-like impetus and recoil between the artists and their works and the subsequent relief caused by falling over on the floor. 

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Domino | Publication cover | Broken Wing Butterfly Publishers

The whole exhibition architecture of this printed matter keeps the viewer in suspense - the hard edges of the oak and the surprisingly soft carpet as a centerfold pull us into a performance between the pages:

emerging artists, unique piece, cezanne, picabia, modern
Josef Zekoff | Untitled | 2020 | 23x20cm

Each shape is unique, like from the blockchain, each group is lovingly laid like an egg from a golden goose. 

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Domino | Raum mit Licht gallery

The publication can be picked up for free on site as a giveaway during the exhibition (instead of regular 20 bucks).

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Domino | Publication

Since Sarah Bogner and Josef Zekoff neither live behind the mountains in their artistic development, nor does any of them just let the Zeitgeist pass by without saying „Hello“ in a polite manner, there will be a digital moving image mined from the analog centerfold that will soon be available for sale!

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Domino Publication | Broken Wing Butterfly Publishers

With this in mind: See you there! Sincerely yours,

Suzanne Langer 

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Sarah Bogner | Untitled portrait | 32x25cm | 2021


Instagram: Sarah Bogner @phoenix_asteroids

Instagram: Josef Zekoff

Instagram: Harpune Verlag

available Artworks | Raum mit Licht Gallery

For enquiries about an artwork you can either contact or visit the Gallery Raum mit Licht or buy the artwork directly over the munchies art club online store.

portrait of an smoking horse by sarah bogner, dark painting, egg tempera, on canvas
Portrait | Head | 2021
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OT | Portrait Smoker 01 | Sarah Bogner
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O.T | Portrait | RED | Sarah Bogner
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No title | Josef Zekoff | 2020

Short CV:

Sarah Bogner

Sarah Bogner studied Art and Media Art at the Academy Of Fine Arts Munich and Electroacoustic Music at the Universität für Musik und Darstellende Kunst, Wien. 

She works as a painter and printmaker/publisher in Vienna.

Link to the Munchies art club artist page.

Josef Zekoff

Josef Zekoff studied Painting at the University of Applied Arts in Vienna and works as a painter and publisher in Vienna. 

Together they established Harpune in 2010, which is the Home of Moby Dick Filet™ since 2011.

Harpune is a division of an enterprise formed in the spirit of limitless publishing and art. 

Harpune is focusing on close collaboration with artists from all around the world and forms groups and cells to achieve infinite joy in everlasting publications and exhibitions.

Link to the Munchies art club artist page.

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special : Domino Exhibition Series at Raum mit Licht Gallery Vienna