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The Vienna based gallery Raum mit Licht Gallery presents DOMINO , solo and duo shows, adding artists weekly. Today we present Rini Tandon with her project.
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Domino | Art exhibit | Gallery Raum mit Licht
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April 19, 2021

Rini Tandon presents her work at the gallery Raum mit Licht exhibition Domino in Vienna.

The Vienna based gallery Raum mit Licht Gallery presents DOMINO , solo and duo shows, adding artists weekly.

Taking place in the 7th district at the Gallery Raum mit Licht in the Kaiserstr. 32

16.03.2021 - 30.06.2021.

Artists present new artworks and work in progress.

The fifth solo show of 11 presents the artists Rini Tandon.

Rini Tandon | Domino Exhibition | Raum mit Licht

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Rini Tandon | Portrait @ Willi Kopf

A short intro to the work she is showing:

The work in the exhibition shows a table with objects in two vitrines. 

The left object is an open book called to spaces unsigned, showing two works, one from 1980 and the other from the 1990s. 

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Exhibition view | RML gallery

Published this year, the book comprises four decades of my work in over 400 images, selected and curated by Sabine Folie. 

The second vitrine shows two ceramics objects dated 2019 from a group of works titled Meteorites, Hands and Motherboard. 

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Exhibition view

Short story

Rini Tandon left India in 1978 to complete her Art education at the University of Applied Arts Vienna. 

Since the mid-1980s, she has divided her time between teaching at the same university and her own art production. 

Her new monograph shown here “…to spaces unsigned offers the first comprehensive insight into the work of the artist... 

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Book cover | To spaces | Unsigned

The publication shows an impressive cross-section of more than four decades of her oeuvre… it shows Tandon’s affinity for the sculptural from an early age. 

In the 1980s and 1990s it manifested itself in a hybrid sculptural Post-Minimalism and, later still, in projects with architectural and landscape interventions. 

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Remote Glove I Meteorites, Hands and Motherboard | 2019- 2020 | Glazed ceramics | 10.5 × 22 × 13 cm

Her exploration of space-time concepts using photographic means from the late 1990s onwards, her exploration of experimental methods and experimental set-ups in various media convey a laboratory-like milieu of playfully challenging questions. 

Tandon’s oeuvre is characterized by a poetic, cross-media orientation that includes works on paper, painting, sculpture, photography and video…” Sabine Folie

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Meteorite I | 2019 | Glazed ceramics | 11x13x26 cm

When did you find out you are an artist 

There is no date to the question. I just did things that drove me and continued to question what I was doing

Was your family supportive?


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Meteorite II | 2019 | Glazed ceramics | 9.5x25x8 cm

What is your relationship to Instagram?

It’s just another social dictate

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Meteorite I | 2019 | Glazed ceramics | 11x13x26 cm

How important has digitalization become for you in connection with your art practice?

It’s an unavoidable imperative

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Meteorite I, | Meteorites, Hands and Motherboard | 2019- 2020 | Fired clay, buffed | 5.5 × 13.5 × 12 cm

Do you find that the pandemic has left a mark on your work?

Every crisis, personal or one affecting the entire population on earth, has a darker and a brighter side. 

Both are cause for reflection and rethinking and I am no less a participant in these historic times. 

The pandemic has kept time on hold to rethink many steps I would have taken otherwise.

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Spaces unsigned | 2021

Where, when, how do you work best?

Even the din of „normalcy“ can be a good background just as solitude can

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Domino exhibition view

Where, how do you usually get inspired?

Inspiration is just the beginning of a longer working process, often triggered by insignificant details in the periphery or through close observation.

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Rini Tandon | Portrait of the artist @ Willi Kopf

What does success mean to you?

A difficult work well achieved.

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Meteorite II | 2019 | Glazed ceramics | 9.5x25x8 cm

Details of the Work in the exhibition:

The work is placed in the second space of the gallery, so that when you enter the space from the left side you see the width of the table and both the vitrines next to each other. 

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Table with objects

This approach was important to me. 

In the context of Domino, it follows the work of Aliki Braine on the wall.

space, raum, zeit-raum, abstract, poetic, poetisch, landscape, video
Book Cover to spaces unsigned | 2021

Dimensions of the displayed elements:  Table: 90 x 195 x 75 cm (consists of a table board and two wooden horses). 

The 2 Vitrines are (a) 35 x 56 x 41 cm, placed on a 19 mm MDF board, (b) 41 56 x 35 cm on a 25 mm MDF board.

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Untitled (Burnt Hand) | 1980 | Paper burnt | 60 × 41.1 cm

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Portrait Rini Tandon: @ Willi Kopf

Photo credits: All images except the portraits were taken by @ Rini Tandon

All artworks are available at the Kaiserstrasse 32 | 1070 Vienna Gallery Raum mit Licht

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Rini Tandon

Rini Tandon is a contemporary artist, born in India, who has lived and worked in Vienna since 1978.

She studied Psychology at the Delhi University, India, Fine Arts at the universities of Baroda, India and at the University of Applied Arts in Vienna, where she has been teaching since 1987.

Her works have been shown in noteworthy institutions such as the Kunsthalle Oslo (1986); Aperto, Venice Biennial (1988); Anina Nosei Gallery, New York (1989); Austrian Sculpture, Generali Foundation/ Secession, Vienna (1990); Visionary Positions, Fundacao Calousto Gulbenkian, Lisbon (1998); Positions of Women Artists from 1945 till Today, Kunsthalle Krems (2003); Lentos, Kunstmuseum, Linz
(2006); The Content of Form, Generali Foundation (2013); Aesthetics of Change, MAK, Vienna (2017) or in single shows at Grita Insam Gallery, Vienna (1986); Mindy Oh Gallery, Chicago (1993); Chemould Gallery, Bombay
(1993); Landesmuseum Joanneum, Graz
(2000); Nature Morte Gallery, Berlin
(2009) or Raum Mit Licht Gallery, Vienna (2010, 2017). Her works are represented in important art institutions and collections.

More on the artist:

Website: Rini Tandon

Webseite: Sabine Folie

Publisher : to spaces unsigned


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