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Peter De Meyer presents his conceptual piece ILL COMMUNICATION at the gallery Raum mit Licht Domino Exhibition in Vienna.
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Domino | Art exhibition | Gallery Raum mit Licht
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April 25, 2021

Peter De Meyer presents his conceptual piece ILL COMMUNICATION at the gallery Raum mit Licht Domino Exhibition in Vienna.

The Raum mit Licht Gallery together with Munchies Art Club is pleased to present DOMINO a Series of solo and duo shows, adding artists every week.

The exhibition DOMINO takes place at the Gallery Raum mit Licht in the Kaiserstr. 32 in the 7th district, from 16.03.2021 - 30.06.2021.

The invited artists have the opportunity to present new artworks and work in progress on location.

The sixth show of 11 presents the artists Peter De Meyer together with the artist Roman Pfeffer.

Who is Peter De Meyer?

Peter De Meyer is a conceptual and narrative artist born in Antwerp, Belgium in 1981.

The artist now lives and works in Kontich and Antwerp where he is represented by the Belgium gallery Geukens & De Vil.

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Self portrait | Peter De Meyer

The artist presents ill communication an empty bottle of alcohol whose label has been replaced by a broken smartphone screen.

The work can be seen as a relic of disturbed, troubled communication.

When and how did you find out you are an artist?

From a very young age I was doing crafts, drawing or playing the guitar.

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Peter De Meyer | Ill communication | Empty alcohol bottle, Label broken smart phone screen

At school too, my good results for courses as arts and musical education indicated a certain artistic aptitude.

In higher education, I first earned a bachelor's degree in Interior Design and then added a bachelor's degree in Furniture Design to my curriculum.

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Close-up | Ill communication | Empty alcohol bottle, Label broken smart phone screen

During the latter course, I already flirted with the boundary between design and art by creating functionless objects.

After I graduated, I worked on my own for a couple of years.

“We must play, but play seriously.” -Hans Wegner, Danish furniture designer
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Installation view | Domino

In 2010 I organized my first solo exhibition to which I invited some galleries.

It was on that occasion that gallery Geukens & De Vil invited me to become part of their artistic family.

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Growing group show | Domino | Raum mit Licht

Was your family supportive?

My family is very supportive.

While I still discuss my ideas with my father or ask him for help with an installation, my mother sometimes helps me with the concrete realization of one of my ideas.

Neither has ever missed one of my exhibitions.  

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Installation view | Domino | | Ill communication | Empty alcohol bottle, Label broken smart phone screen
Where and how do you usually get inspired?

The way I get inspired, has changed over the years.

In the beginning, I went looking for objects and collected them in my studio.

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Installation view | Domino

I was the hamster artist, who kept everything because one day it might serve as inspiration.

In recent years, my studio orientation has broadened: I’m still collecting but get also inspired outside my studio, taking long walks, talking to people, listening to music and visiting exhibitions.

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Installation view | 2021 | Domino

Where, when and how do you work best?

When it comes to the concretization of my ideas, I am not really tied to a particular place or time either.

Sometimes I work for several days in a row and sometimes I do nothing for several days.

It is usually the size and the nature of the work that determine where I eventually create it or have it made.

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“A work of art is only as smart as the person looking at it.” -Michaël Borremans, Belgian painter

A fixture in my creative process is the computer on which I sketch out my ideas, using Photoshop, to see if they are as strong visually as they are in my mind.  

What is your relationship to Instagram?

I have a love-hate relationship with social media like Instagram.

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Peter De Meyer | The Tag | 62x62cm | 2020

Of course I know that you need them to reach a larger audience and that it is interesting to communicate purely in images.

At the same time, I don’t like the speed with which images are viewed.

That is at odds with the slowness required to absorb a work of art.

chronicle, narrative, tale, exemplification, portraiture, exhibition,
Cross reference | 2014

Moreover, the medium and the wide distribution of the images also mean that they can be copied more easily.

What are you working on currently? Do you find that the pandemic has left a mark on your work?

The pandemic did not have a great impact on my creative process.

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Bull's eye | 2010

Although the thrift shops and flea markets were closed, there was plenty of time to wander around and come up with ideas in the meantime.

My database is therefore considerably filled with sketches that are waiting to be executed. Where the pandemic did have an impact was on the exhibitions I would participate in.

In memory of | 59x42x3cm | 2017

Normally, I would exhibit for the first time in Raum mit Licht in spring 2020, together with Roman Pfeffer, with whom I had a duo exhibition in Antwerp in 2019.

Unfortunately, this was one of the projects that had to be postponed because of COVID-19.

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Coda | 800x250cm | 2014

Fortunately, the art world did not come to a complete standstill during the pandemic.

Some of my works have been included in beautiful exhibitions, such as Adjugé!, about artists and the art market in Belgium, at museum Félicien Rops (Namur, Belgium) and Listen to Your Eyes at museum Voorlinden (Wassenaar, the Netherlands), and I have been able to participate in several online / offline group exhibitions, including Domino.

Peter de Meyer

The contemporary artist Peter De Meyer (Antwerp/Belgium, 1981) is a close observer of his environment, translating his views in conceptual images.

Collective memory and the art world are his playground.

A large part of his works starts from the idea that objects, ideas and situations carry a long history and evoke a range of associations, both in individual and collective memory.

With his creations – often subtle interventions in content and context – De Meyer cuts across predisposed expectations and creates the preconditions necessary to make the invisible visible.

This blurs the line between reality and fiction, and the objects, ideas and situations are subsumed under a new logic or enriched by a fictitious course of life.

More on the artist:

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