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Munchies Art Club share with you the exhibition Window Shopping with Eva Berendes and Alexandra Leykauf at Kunstverein Siegen

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Window Shopping | Kunstverein Siegen
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June 16, 2021

Eva Berendes & Alexandra Leykauf | Kunstverein Siegen | Window Shopping

Curator: Jennifer Cierlitza

Duration: 18.05.-17.07. 

Artist Talk: 26.06. - 6PM

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Exhibition | Window shopping | Photo credit @ Heinrich Holtgreve
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Photo credit @ Heinrich Holtgreve
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Installation view | Window shopping | 2021 | Photo credit @Heinrich Holtgreve

Press release: 

The term window shopping refers to the act of looking at a shop window or a display case. 

Viewers put themselves in the pictorial still life behind the pane and imagine the use of goods and products – irrespective of an immediate purchase intention.

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Alexandra Leykauf | Vitrinen | Photo credit @ Heinrich Holtgreve
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Installation view | Window shopping | 2021 | Photo credit @ Heinrich Holtgreve

The simultaneity of „viewing" and „using" is more evident in English term than in the German expression "Schaufensterbummel". 

The latter describes the act of "virtual shopping" less as a conflict between fantasy and reality, but rather as a choreography of movements of walking slowly, strolling, and repeatedly lingering in front of the window displays.

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Installation view | Eva Berendes | Guards | Photo credit @ Heinrich Holtgreve
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Exhibition view | Curated by Jennifer Cierlitza | Photo credit @ Heinrich Holtgreve
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Eva Berendes from the series Loggia Paintings | 2019 | Steel, varnish, wood, ceramic tiles, oil paint, printed paper | Photo credit @ Heinrich Holtgreve

In the exhibition "Window Shopping", the artists Eva Berendes and Alexandra Leykauf enter into a dialogue. 

Both of the above-described forms of looking at window displays are related to the works on display and are understood by the artists in relation to the viewing of pictures or paintings in a more general sense: Objects and arrangements are presented in pictures and yet they remain beyond our reach.

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Eva Berendes | Detail: Guard (print), steel, lacquer, wood, concrete, printed paper | 178,5 × 51 × 15 cm | 2019 | Photo credit @ Heinrich Holtgreve
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Eva Berendes | Photo credit @ Heinrich Holtgreve

Through sculpture, wall-based works, and site-specific interventions, the artists allude to contexts of consumption and interaction. 

They make architectural elements a theme of transition from the outside to the inside in their artworks and guide visitors visitors through doors, gates, windows, and across thresholds into and through the exhibition -- into another (consumer) world.

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Exhibition view | Photo credit @ Heinrich Holtgreve | Kunstverein Siegen
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Eva Berendes | Gate 1 | Textile, wood, stainless steel screws | 263x245x60cm | 2020 | Photo @ Heinrich Holtgreve

Jennifer Cierlitza 

Geschäftsführerin und Kuratorin 


Haus Seel, Kornmarkt 20

57072 Siegen

+49 (0)271 21624




Di–Sa: 14–18 Uhr,

So: 11–13 & 14–18 Uhr

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Exhibition view | Curated by Jennifer Cierlitza | Photo credit @ Heinrich Holtgreve 
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Window shopping | Exhibition view | Photo credit @ Heinrich Holtgreve
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Window shopping | Photo credit @Heinrich Holtgreve

For more on the exhibition:

Website: Kunstverein Siegen

Instagram: Kunstverein Siegen

Follow the artists on Instagram:

@Eva Berendes

@Alexandra Leykauf

Photo credits:

Heinrich Holtgreve

Instagram @Heinrich Holtgreve