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November 17, 2020


Hans Gallery takes part in the NADA - New Art Dealers Alliance Chicago Gallery Open presenting its group show Collage, a group exhibition from artists within the Chicago community and beyond. This exhibition focuses on exploring works that go beyond collage as merely an aesthetic, and showcases artists that have deep conceptual nuances and processes that explore the technique as an investigation, structure, strategy or way of life.

Participating artists include: Laura Davis, William J. O'Brien, Max Guy, Ani Afshar, David Bavaria, Tyson Reeder, Nelly Agassi, Cody Hudson, Monroy Honeycutt, Austin Eddy, Roni Packer, Steven Vainberg, Dan Devening, Lauren Sullivan, Charles Schoen, Sarah Leuchtner, Rolland Miller, and Jake Fagundo.


hans gallery, chicago, exhibition view, new art dealers, nada
Exhibition view of the group show Collage at the Hans Gallery Chicago.

glass beads, thread, and foil on tulle framed, new art dealers
Ani Afshar | Encapsulations, 2020 | glass beads, cand foil, tulle, thread | 9.5x11.75 in

collage and drawing of a plant on a table, a joint and a Bic lighter
Steven Vainberg   Untitled, 2019 | acrylic, laser jet print, crayon and Zebrina Pendula  | 20 x 13 in

Nelly Agassi, artist, image of a woman made up of stairs
Nelly Agassi | Architectural Woman, 2020 | architectural plans, paper, glue | 12 x 15.25 in

Austin eddy, spotlight, featured, hans gallery, a green and white collage of a boy and at the bottom right is a cutout of a blue fish
Austin Eddy | Green Bird Boy With Blue Fish, 2018 | Acrylic, Flashe, Colored Pencil, Paper Collage, & Thumb Tacks on Paper in Artist Frame | 21×25×1 1/2 in

cody Hudson, artist,  collage, shapes
Cody Hudson | Businessman's Lunch (Naturally Occurring), 2020 | screen print ink, risograph ink and paper on paper | 25 x 38 in


hans gallery, chicago, group show , Collage, exhibition view, multiple artworks, nada, new art dealers
Exhibition view of the group show Collage at the Hans Gallery Chicago.

collage in green of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
Roland Miller  | Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, 2017  | oil, stickers, acrylic, marker on canvas | 18 x 24 in

hans gallery, nada chicago,  gallery open, new art dealers alliance
William J O’Brien | Owl, 2020  | felt, yarn, twine, and safety pins  | 14.25 x 13.75 in

new art dealers alliance, chicago, hans gallery, group show collage at the hg gallery in chicago
Exhibition view of the group show Collage at the Hans Gallery Chicago.

galleries in chicago, featured, spotlight, collage, group show, charles schoen, hg- gallery
Charles Schoen  | No title, 2018 - 2020  | melamine, acrylic, steel, tape and label  | 16 x 20 in

hans gallery, dan devening, artist, collage
Dan Devening | Studio International (1), 2020 | collage, thread | 16.5 x 12.5 inches / 21 x 17 framed
sarah leuchtner, artist,  hans gallery,, group show collage
Sarah Leuchtner  | cut your losses & your luck, 2020  | acrylic, ink, pastel, graphite and found object on canvas  | 18 x 24 in
david bavaria, artist, collage in color of baseball player and his name 'Efron'
David Bavaria  | Jefron, 2020  | candle, rocks, marbles, acrylic, pax, and vape on canvas | 30 x 30 in

image shows the gallery Hans group show collage
Exhibition view of the group show Collage at the Hans Gallery Chicago.

round collage in bright colors by artist Toni packer
Roni Packer  | Pleasing (Bright Yellow), 2016 | oil and mixed media on wood panel
25 x 25 x 3 in

upcoming galleries in Chicago,  art fairs, 2020, nada, new art dealers, hans gallery,
Exhibition view of the group show Collage at the Hans Gallery Chicago.
hans gallery, max guy, collage two faces on each an eye has been cut out and covered with colored paper underneath it says Pinocchio
Max Guy | I was Pinnochio, 2020 | inkjet print, acrylic paint, and matte medium on dyed canvas | 22.5 x 15.75 in

monroy honeycutt, artist, chicago, on view, featured
Monroy Honeycutt | Glass Ball, 2020  | oil, pigment, paper, plywood, masonite, resin, laser print, sugar, epoxy, and aluminum
| 10.5 x 14 in

tyson reeder, artist,  collage colorful mixed media on paper
Tyson Reeder  | Beware, 2020  | mixed media on paper  | 14 x 17 in

lauren sullivan, artist,  orange colored collage with the word rush
Lauren Sullivan  | Rush Bottle, 2020  | acrylic, oil pastel, inkjet prints, stonehenge paper on canvas | 24 x 30 in

galleries spotlight, feature, munchies art club, hans gallery, chicago at nada, new art dealers, art fair
Exhibition view of the group show Collage at the Hans Gallery Chicago.

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