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Arye Wachsmuth | Domino Exhibition

contemporary photography, mirrormedia series, transluminograms, pictorial diary, photographic process, welt museum, vienna,
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June 4, 2021

The contemporary artist Arye Wachsmuth presents his work at the growing group exhibition Domino, in the gallery Raum mit Licht in Vienna.

DOMINO is a series of solo and duo shows, a growing group show, adding new artists every week at Gallery Raum mit Licht Vienna.

The invited artists also present work in progress on location and on the munchies viewing room.

The last show of 11 presents the artists Arye Wachsmuth.

Who is Arye Wachsmuth?

Arye Wachsmuth is an Austrian contemporary artist who lives and works in Vienna.

arye wachsmuth, contemporary photography, work pandemic,
Arye Wachsmuth | Portrait Photo credit @ Sophie Lillie

Arye Wachsmuth on his current works at DOMINO/RML

M.M. (Mirrormedia Series/Transluminograms).

A series of photographic appropriations that was conceived before the Covid pandemic.

photo, germany, tel aviv, visual media design, applied arts university
Installation view | Domino | Gallery Raum mit Licht | Photo credit: Arye Wachsmuth

The photographic works reflect the daily landscape of the print media. In this way, a kind of pictorial diary is created. 

vienna, austria, artworks, available, unique piece, framed wall art
Gaia | 2021 | Transluminogram, framed | 30 x 40 cm | Photo credit: Arye Wachsmuth

Depending on the frequency of reporting in the daily newspapers and the selection of possible motifs, some themes appear more often than others.

fotoshule hamburg, reality, collective history, memory, deconstructing reality,
Letting go crops | 2021 | Transluminogram, framed | 30 x 40 cm | Photo credit: Arye Wachsmuth

Through the superimposition of images, the news and stories collide with one another and therefore "tell" a different story or make room for one's own associations.

symbolic, technology, history, perception, multi layered, images, installations,
Scars 2021 | Transluminogram, framed | 30 x 40 cm | Photo credit: Arye Wachsmuth

I termed the photographic process, a self-developed exposure technique, as a Transluminogram.

reality constructions, reality, memory, depiction, artistic, modern,
Urban | 2021| Transluminogram, framed | 30 x 40 cm | Photo credit: Arye Wachsmuth

Arye shares 2 favorite quotes:

The only interesting answers are those that destroy the questions.- Susan Sontag
International exhibitions, viewing room, raum mit licht, welt museum,
Arye Wachsmuth | Domino | Gallery Raum mit Licht
One can not say it all- Jacques Lacan
sophie lillie, curated by, features, artist story, austrian, exhibition, show
The Will to Witness/Grauzone | 2020 | Video, 35mm film transfer to Video, Sound, duration 33 minutes | Image credit Arye Wachsmuth


#history, #memory, #politicalart, #contemporaryart #contemporaryartist #artandpolitics

ongoing exhibit, international, viewing room, art platform,
Arye Wachsmuth partial view of the installation DECEROCIDE as shown at the group showStories of Traumatic Pasts | Weltmuseum, Vienna | 2020
franziska lesak, raum mit licht, josephine wagner, munchies art club
On the left: “X”, wall paint, 2019 | On the right: Heavy Duty Nylon Beach (Mediterranean Sea) | 2016 | Photo Arye Wachsmuth
political message, artworks, feature, spotlight, domino, modern, available
W.R.Y. – O.T.B. | 2020 | U.S. postal stamps, paint | Part of the installation DECEROCIDE | Weltmuseum, Vienna | 2020
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