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Andrea van der Straeten
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May 1, 2021

Andrea van der Straeten presents her work at the Domino Exhibition in the gallery Raum mit Licht in Vienna.

The Raum mit Licht Gallery together with Munchies Art Club presents DOMINO a Series of solo and duo shows, adding artists every week.

The exhibition DOMINO takes place at the Gallery Raum mit Licht in the Kaiserstr. 32 in the 7th district, from 16.03.2021 - 30.06.2021.

The invited artists have the opportunity to present artworks and work in progress on location.

The seventh show of 11 presents the artists Andrea van der Straeten together with the artist Bernhard Hosa.

Who is Andrea van der Straeten?

Andrea van der Straeten is a conceptual artist with a surprising visual vocabulary and experimental approach, using photography, graphics, film and video, installation as well as auditive and performative techniques since the 1980ies.

Born in Germany she lives in Vienna since 1987.

conceptual artist visual vocabulary experimental approach photography
Gallery Raum mit Licht | Domino, installation-view with works by (from the left) Andrea van der Straeten, Roman Pfeffer, Klaus Pamminger | Photo credit: @Thomas Smetana.

Her most recent artworks will be on show at Gallery Raum mit Licht in March 2022, an exhibition that has been rescheduled due to the Covid pandemic within the framework of FOTO WIEN: Andrea van der Straeten – Remote Horizon.    

She chose Hands Up, 1994/2019 to be part of DOMINO – a work that might encourage to take a closer look at the importance of the human hand in different contexts.

graphics, film, video, auditive, contemporary art, technique, performative,
Gallery Raum mit Licht | Domino | Installation-view | Photo credit: @Thomas Smetana

Hands Up

What looks like results of a photoshop process are in fact black and white analogue negatives, enlarged in the darkroom on pre-colored photographic papers.

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Back then I loved working in the quiet darkroom for days and nights in a run, experimenting with negatives or sometimes with other materials as well, like graphics on overhead foil to enlarge images on photographic paper.

Those graphics that the rabbits in Paralysed Fertility might have swallowed for example show different intra-uterine devices for contraception which have been developed since the beginning of the 20th century.

It was the experiment, that fascinated me and the manual work -  though I was concentrated on the most perfect outcome – which years later would be so easy to achieve with the progressing digital techniques.

platform, viewing room, human hands, artworks, dark room, negatives,
Gallery Raum mit Licht | Domino | Installation-view |Photo credit: @Thomas Smetana

There is a German saying about somebody, who is a clumsy craftsman:

Jemand hat 2 linke Hände. In English: his/her fingers are all thumbs.

The objects in these images have no thumbs at all.

domino, installation, black and white, view, viewing, thomas smetana,
Gallery Raum mit Licht | Domino | Installation-view |Photo credit: @Thomas Smetana

Hands Up in its original version is one of quite some photographic works the artist developed between 1989 and the mid 1990ies.

They all have in common the particular strong and vivid colors and that the images blur the boundaries between graphics, photography, installation or sculpture.

The company stopped the production of these colored papers decades ago, so similar works to Hands Up like Automaton, Paralysed Fertility, Innocent Bystanders, W.H.M are unique pieces and now mostly in museum collections as well as in some private collections.

hands up, analogue, enlarged, prints, pre-colored, color, materials,
Automaton, 1993 | Collection: MUSA, Vienna | Photo credit: @Andrés Lejona
photographic paper, manual, hand made, digital, concptual art
from: Innocent Bystanders | 1991 | Collection: MUSA, Vienna | Photo credit:  @Andrea van der Straeten/ Bildrecht Vienna
german, female, visual communication, applied arts, contemporary art,
from: Paralysed Fertility, 1992 | Federal Collection | Photo credit:  @Christoph Fuchs
contemporary, conceptual, progressive, femaler, artist
from: Paralysed Fertility, 1992 | Federal Collection | Photo credit:  @Christoph Fuchs
generali foundation, museum modern salzburg, lentos museum,
W.H.M., 1991 | Collection: Landesgalerie Linz | Photo credit: @Rainer Iglar
by appointment, overhead foil, university, professor,
Andrea van der Straeten | Photo credit:  @Hermann Wakolbinger

With the concept of Hands Up back in 1994 I referred to the increasing importance of digitalisation, as the photographic images were part of an installation, completed by a computer.

The computer was offering the visitors the possibility to flip through 10 digitalised graphics that show the importance of the human hand in various cultural fields.

With a mouse-click they could print the items they liked most and together with a folder take them home – as a free personal catalogue.

So I would say that I tried with this installation to reflect this most important technical and cultural change in the way we produce items or think social structures.

experimental arts, residencies, Linz, public space, show,
Hands Up | Neue Galerie Graz 1994 | Photo credit:  @Andrea van der Straeten / Bildrecht Vienna

Starting with a drawing by Albrecht Dürer via reflections on right- and left-handedness from a book on Neuroscience to Venetian needlepoint lace or a prehistoric cave painting: it is a wild ride.

Above film was filmed with a hand held camera by Thomas Smetana.

When Hands Up was chosen for a group show 2019/2020 in China and the curator recommended sending exhibition prints rather than the originals I got curious in this process to look again at something I had done exactly 25 years earlier.

I wanted to see how close the digital images could get to the originals.

international, private collections, musa, mudam, mounted aluminum
Installation view 2019-2020 | Galaxy Museum for Contemporary Art | Chongqing | Photo credit:  @Andrea van der Straeten / Bildrecht Vienna

So the prints for this exhibition were done in Vienna but mounted in Chongqing, China in a very careful and precise way - on Aluminium with a frame on the backside.

A tiny pinhole pierces the image, through which – when installed on the wall - a nail seems to hold the glove stretcher and the image itself.

galerie Raum mit licht, vienna, contemporary art gallery vienna
Photo credit:  @Andrea van der Straeten / Bildrecht Vienna

The fact that this work has been chosen for an exhibition in the worlds upcoming oeconomic superpower might seem unexpected, but it was also interesting to see the installation in a different economic and social context.

A context, where technologies of the highest standards coexist with finest handicraft and sometimes archaic procedures and habits in quasi parallel worlds.

„Descrete Austrian Secrets“ has been one of the first museum shows world wide that has been closed due to the Covid pandemic  -  already in January last year.

The lockdowns during this pandemic slow down the work process, sometimes the energy too, but at the same time they also open up space for new ideas and new options.

Like showing works online – in a viewing room as well as in the gallery.

featured artist, online art platform, original works, photography
Andrea van der Straeten | Photo credit: @Thomas Smetana
Wie soll man fliegen, wenn man sich beschwert?!

I came across this quote some years ago in an interview with Jürgen Teller.

The play on words that I like so much unfortunately gets lost by translating it to English –

Here a rough translation and my interpretation in English:

How to fly high with heavy thoughts [complains] dragging you down?

concept art, online art, acvailable original artworks,
Andrea van der Straeten | Hands Up | Photo credit: @Thomas Smetana

Currently Andrea van der Straeten is working on different projects and finalising the works for her next exhibition.

What to expect? As far as can be said now: Less color, more particular observations and astonishing objects in XXXLarge and XXXSmall.

contemporary photo, design, natural, human existence,
Andrea van der Straeten | Photo credit: @Thomas Smetana

Andrea van der Straeten

Andrea van der Straeten is a contemporary conceptual artist. Andrea studied German literature, political science and visual communication in Germany and postgraduate at University of Applied Arts Vienna.

As a University Professor for Experimental Arts in Linz she loved working with students and collegues for more than 16 years.

International solo shows, group exhibitions and residencies, various projects in public space as well as in art and architecture.

Her works can be found in Austrian and international private and public collections like Generali Foundation / Museum der Moderne Salzburg, Lentos Museum Linz, MUSA Vienna, MUDAM – Musée d’Art Moderne Grand-Duc Jean, Luxembourg and others.

Available Artworks in our store and at the Gallery Raum mit Licht:

Hands Up

Exhibition print series, 2019.

All mounted on aluminium.

Edition: 3

A purchased work comes with 1 folder Hands Up (with 10 Computer print pages)

Some original analogue prints, 1994, not mounted on request.

Fo more information on available work browse our store or contact the Gallery Raum mit Licht.

More on the artist:

Website: Andrea van der Straeten

Instagram: Andrea van der Straeten

Copyright | Resources | Credits | Additional Information

Photo credits:

Installation views and portraits of the artist at the Domino exhibition: @Thomas Smetana

Automaton, 1993. Collection: MUSA, Vienna  Photo credit: @Andrés Lejona

W.H.M., 1991 | Collection: Landesgalerie Linz | Foto: @Rainer Iglar

from: Paralysed Fertility, 1992 | Federal Collection | Photo credit:  @Christoph Fuchs

Andrea van der Straeten | Photo credit:  @Hermann Wakolbinger

All other images credit:  @Andrea van der Straeten / Bildrecht Vienna

All works on view are available through the Gallery Raum mit Licht

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