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Updates | How to get noticed and selected by Munchies Art Club?

UPDATES 2 | ho to get noticed and selected by munchies art club?

Easy! Follow us on Facebook, Twitter or even better on Instagram or tag your artwork with #munchiesartclub !!!

UPDATES 2 | New features, Member-zone and more | Munchies Art Club

On Updates, we share with you all the changes and new features on our Munchies Art Club platform. We are constantly working on bettering ourselves!

"We have created a think tank for ideas around the digital art world. We invite you and others to join us!" 

What we are looking for is an exchange of new ideas, individual needs, and budding ideas. We want to continue on new exciting projects, discovering and exploring art globally.  

Interacting and connecting digitally and supporting artists and the art world in the most pleasurable form for all those involved.

UPDATE 01. Autumn/Winter 2021 | A membership club coming soon!

An Art club and no members?
Silly, we know! 

So we are working intensively on a registration model. Our selections over the past months have become purely curated, and we will continue on this path. 

We want the galleries and artists we represent to correspond to our collections.

The Munchies Art club assures that all members interacting are similarly minded art lovers joining together for exchange and support on all kinds of art-based subjects. 

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Who are you?

Have you always wanted to share your collection with others? Tell the stories behind your collection? We would love to hear from you and discuss how a feature and blog article could look. We offer you a story on our art people section. We share with you the newest artists' selections in our special member newsletter, as well as connecting you with artists that interest you.
Are you an artist that believes you would be a great addition to our artist features? We give you a feature on our art platform, we link to your website and social media accounts and we continue to support you. 
Send us a link to review your gallery and we will get back to you as soon as possible.
Are you interested in writing and sharing your content? That is good for you and us!Tell us what you want to write about. Send us a sample or links to other written works.All content must be in English

UPDATE 02. Autumn/Winter 2021 | Open Call to new members

We invite our members to engage, offering guest blogs, art collectors section, project collaborations, and interaction, sharing, caring, and supporting each other in the digital sphere.

So if you are interested to share your art, exhibitions, shows, views, ideas, projects, reviews then feel free to contact us and share your thoughts and pitch your crazy ideas. 

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How to get NOTICED and selected by Munchies Art Club?

  1. Follow us on Instagram 
  2. Or tag us with

For Galleries, Art - Collectors/Advisors and Artists

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