Balancing Surrealism and Intimacy: The Paintings of Yuqiao Guo

Artist Name
Yuqiao Guo
puplished on
May 6, 2023
yuqiao guo, emerging artist, female art, young art to collect

Yuqiao Guo

The Body as a Narrative Tool: Self-Portraiture in the Work of Yuqiao Guo

Yuqiao Guo is a London-based artist and designer who grew up between Beijing and the USA.

She holds an MA in Architecture from the Harvard Graduate School of Design (2019) and a double BA in Studio Art and Environmental Analysis from Pomona College (2015).

Her work has been exhibited across the UK and USA.

Trained as an architect and multimedia artist, Yuqiao Guo sees her painterly practice as a product of her fascination with self-portraiture and interest in the narrative capacities of the body.

Approaching the majority of her work through an autobiographical lens, Yuqiao paints her figures in a way that closely balances surrealism with intimacy, creating striking visual metaphors for the fleeting moments of self-awareness. 

Images and text courtesy the artist

Images below:

1. Father and Child 

2. A Serenade 

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