Abstract Art in Full Bloom: Xuan Hoang's Colorful Inspirations

Artist Name
Xuan Hoang
puplished on
July 3, 2023
xuan hoang, artsy, young art collectors

Xuan Hoang

A Fusion of Dreams and Reality: Exploring Ethereal Abstract Landscapes

About the artist Xuan Hoang

With a wandering mind, Xuan’s paintings reflect her dreamy musings.

Her abstract worlds are inspired by nature, old paintings, modern culture, fashion and fantastical stories.

Working with spontaneity, her style combines expressive brush marks, vivid colours with exuberant energy. 

Images and text courtesy the artist.

Images on view below:

Caption 1:  Garden of Curiosities. Oil on linen canvas. 60cm x 50.cm

Caption 2: Day Tripper. Oil on linen canvas. 50cm x 40cm 

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