The Enigmatic World of Vera Davidovic´s Art: Blurring Reality and Imagination

Artist Name
Vera Davidovic
puplished on
May 27, 2023
vera davidovic, Imagination, video games, monsters,

Vera Davidovic

Exploring Dreamscapes: The Surreal Art that Challenges Perceptions

About the artist:

Vera Davidovic, born in Upper Austria in 1998. Vera showed a passion for art at an early age, and spent much of her childhood drawing and painting.

Since then, Vera has continued to introduce herself to new crafts, such as pottery, sewing and paper creation.

Today, Vera continues to push the boundaries of contemporary art and inspire new generations of artists with her vision and dedication to her craft.

"My work depicts a world where the line between reality and imagi-nation is blurred.

The dreamy, unreal setting i want to create might represent a desire to escape from the constraints of everyday life and explore new possibilities.

Honor the unknown and unsettling and find beauty in unexpected places.

Alternatively, my work could be a commentary on the nature of relationships and how our perceptions of others can sometimes be distorted.

Or how our distortion can be distorted by others.

Overall, my work is supposed to encourage a sense of wonder and playfulness while also challenging our assumptions about the world Around us."

Images and text courtesy the artist.

Images on view:

Caption 1: Tear cub | Oil & Acryl on canvas | 80x80cm 

Caption 2: Pecurka | Oil & Acryl on canvas | 40x50cm)

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