The Free Spirit of Tom Gully: Painting as a Form of Dancing

Artist Name
Tom Gully
puplished on
May 3, 2023
tom gully, expressionism, figurative art, child like

Tom Gully

Three-Dimensional Relief and Childlike Motifs in Tom Gully's Art

Tom Gully, born 1996 in Cologne, is an artist and musician.

Tom's artistic process is about escaping into a world created from the moment. In this world, his thoughts, perceptions and ideas are captured and recorded through a kind of motif on various media.

These can be small sketches to watercolours or pastel chalk drawings.

These "preliminary works" are further elaborated and finally transformed onto a canvas or another medium.

Most of the works live from a structure on the surface.

This gives the work expression and depth through a three-dimensional relief.

There are no rules in Tom's way of painting.

His works live from a spontaneity, humour and contrast his approach of an aggressive, fast painting application with mostly childlike motifs.

Recently, the artist has also started to work serially with other media such as linocuts, prints or other different processes, in addition to a classical painterly approach.

The most important thing for Tom, however, is to be able to work as freely as possible; for him it is about improvising, trying things out and experiencing himself.

"Painting means dancing for Tom“ 

Images and text courtesy the artist.

Images on view in gallery in order of appearancve:

1.„Armor auf der Jagd nach Liebe“ 42x58cm, pencils and oil at on paper,2023

2. „Tom, where is Jerry?“100x120cm, Acryl and spraypaint with sand on canvas, 2022

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