Spencer Chalk-Levy: Exploring Art's Timeless Tapestry

Artist Name
Spencer Chalk-Levy
puplished on
August 6, 2023
spencer chalk-levy, contemporary sculpture, wall art
Spencer Chalk-Levy, a talented artist, merges historical narratives with personal themes, employing traditional techniques alongside modern elements like digital weaving and 3D printing, creating captivating and unique art.

Spencer Chalk-Levy

Art History Reimagined: A Journey of Visual Narratives

Spencer Chalk-Levy tells us about his work:

In my work I delve into historical narratives, whether based on classical literature, lore, art history and connecting them with more personal themes.

The inspiration for my figures, often presented in dramatic narratives, are mainly drawn from real life observations, following the inspirational sources

I gravitate toward.

I tap into to traditional techniques and pictorial language of historical art genres, while adding modern elements and stories.

I love experimenting with digitally woven tapestries, Styrofoam sculptures, and 3D Printing.

I re-interpret old techniques with the use of advanced production processes, using jacquard machines and §d printers as 'Petit Main' 

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