Nature and Humans in Dialogue: The Art of Sanna Gossy

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Sanna Gossy is a visual artist whose works explore the relationships between nature and humans, physical and mental balance, reality and perception, using diverse materials, everyday objects, and digital traces.

Sanna Gossy

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sanna gossy, contemporary visual artist, vienna based,
confused floating lotus / pendulous sculpture /fabric, resin, water color, crystals, aluminum, sticker, plastic, gloves / in front kind of knotted yoga pose, back: sunny side up child pose, exhale/inhale universe and wall sculpture do you need love?

Sanna Gossy

I work as a visual artist in Vienna.

In my works I am concerned with balances and relationships between nature and humans, with the weighting of physical and mental balance to each other and concepts of nature, stories, reality and perception.

Both narrative and static balance is an elementary formal component of the sculptures.

Surreal conglomerates of diverse materials form exaggerated, seemingly ritualized, figurative poses or abstract objects, partly hanging or installations mixed with mirrors.

Motifs are the human being, role models, social media, nature and current philosophical positions.

Quotations from art history, nature elements and everyday life are reflected in the realities and surrealities of my work.

As a contrast, various recyclable materials are gaining in importance.

The incorporation of everyday objects creates conglomerates with textures, patterns, drawings and signs reminding of digital traces.

I also consciously work with parts of everyday materials.

Strong contrasts and attention to detail humorously give insights into the social-media everyday life and show sculptures, installations, relief-like painting, mini sculptures, overpainted digital prints and photography.

Images and text courtesy the artist

Images on view in the gallery in order of appearance: 

1. eye on the wall, nature onscreen / relief-like painting / canvas, acrylic, concrete / relief, its all about devices and staging

2. funny bunny /pendulous sculpture/ fabric, resin, acrylic, glass, pencil, aluminum, chain /hanging from ceiling /its all about your phone

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