The World of Sander Belmans: Surrealism and Flashy Colors in Focus

Artist Name
Sander Belmans
puplished on
June 13, 2023
sander belman, kaleidoscope of colors, figurative art

Sander Belmans

Merging Realities: Surrealism and Figurative Art in Harmonious Coexistence

Sander Belmans writes about his work: 

I'm never quite sure about what my work means, I love what other people make of it, it often surprises me. 

My work is almost always surreal, but that's the only common denominator I guess. 

My style, technique and subject matter switches a lot, and I often combine certain techniques in one work, to get to the point I want the work to go. I

think my work is quite kitsch, it's never abstract. 

I really love flashy colours and strong contrasts but I sometimes force myself to choose colour combinations that are alien to me, to see where that gets me. 

I have a background in graphic design and illustration and it really shows in my work. 

I think I sometimes give myself fictional children's book cover assignments, without actually imagining a real story to go with that cover. 

Images and text courtesy the artist

Images on view below:

Caption 1: "Ross!! Wanna go play soccer?" / 42 x 56 cm. / fineliner 0.1 mm., acrylic paint, aquarel paint, watercolour pencils,

Caption 2: "Just go up the stairs and to the right." / 42 x 56 cm. / fineliner 0.1 mm., tempera paint, acrylic paint, watercolour pencils, posca markers 

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