Exploring Peaceful Realms: Placid's Crafted Plastic Sculptures and Figurative Paintings

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puplished on
June 10, 2023
placid, artistic duo, sculptures, paintings, hong kong


The Art of Equilibrium: Discovering Placid's Peaceful Creations

About their work:

The work of Placid, an artist duo of sculptor and painter, is about the creation of placid beings, original characters that are alternative representations of the artists themselves.

Unique psyches of rich sensibilities who assert a calming presence in their expressions, they are the embodiment of self-restraint and constant seekers of equilibrium.

Principally trained as architects, the duo create using both digital and physical tools and constantly switch between the two.

Through working in series and unusual lenses, the artists dissect and reveal the different facets of these quiet characters.

Their heads become empty interiors, scenes of introspection in their paintings, where slight shifts in viewpoint reveal the different emotions that coexist in their faces.

Starting with a greyscale and neutral tone typical of computer modelling displays, bright complementary colours interrupt and enliven the soft pastel painted scenes.

Growing up with toys and other man-made objects, they have a strong affiliation to plastic, a symbol of childhood memories, happiness, and artificial triumph.

They create sculptures with plastic and a lot of patching and sanding.

Through human craftsmanship and labour, Placid wish to present the daily material in a new light that truly fulfils its potential. 

Images and text courtesy the artists

Images on view below:

Caption 1: A Man's Head | 20.5cm x 14.8cm x 12.8cm | PLA and Resin

Caption 2: Philo, Grey Textured | 30.5cm x 12cm x 8cm | PLA and Modelling Primer 

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