Captivating the Soul: The Artistry of Poet and Painter Nico Osimani

Artist Name
Nico Osimani
puplished on
June 28, 2023
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Nico Osimani

Beyond Words and Canvas: Transcending Boundaries of Expression

Nico Osimani tells us about his work:

Poet, Painter based in Ibiza.

I paint and write through the languages that these forms of expression build, helping me to find a new and more real way of understanding the world.

Since my childhood, imagination has always been a way of accepting the world, finding and inventing absurd games, radio shows, writing songs, fanzines, etc.

The small details, the absurdity of everyday life, the boredom of the spirit and even anger are my source of inspiration.

I try to build my own aesthetic and conceptual language where the beauty of the different is present.

I am fully convinced of the importance of art in building healthier societies.

Images and text courtesy the artist.

Images on view below: 

Caption 1: "Drink nights are leaves from the book of heartbreak" | Mixed media on canvas  | 81 x 65cm

Caption 2: "The real life" | Mixed technique on canvas | 60 x 60cm

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