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THE MUNCHIES ART CLUB SHARES 5 TOP INSTAGRAM ACCOUNTS TO FOLLOW! We get asked a lot which are our top 5 Instagram accounts to follow. It is a difficult question to answer. There are so many incredible accounts out there we daily add discoveries to the list. Here we share the ones that are top of our list. Inspirational, avant-garde, and state-of-the-art accounts that blow our minds!

munchies art club shares 5 top artsy instagram accounts to follow

Dominique Foertigs top 5 instagram art accounts to follow | This week from the Dominique Foertig from Munchies Art Club

Dominique Foertig from the Munchies Art Club Magazine shares a selection of her top 5 Instagram Accounts you have to follow.

One is the design gallery Carwan situated in her second home Greece, more precisely in Piraeus the Harbour of Athens.

Coming next Dominique is already working on an article on Athens and its artistic development in the past years. Meanwhile, you can read this great article on the website This is Athens,  a great article about the new exciting gallery district of Piraeus.

Another is an artist Daniel Palillo who caught her eye this Summer at the Hydra School project curated by her friend Dimitrios Antonitsis.

We love the work from Rachel Maclean, our amazing discovery during the Curated by Gallery Festival Vienna, when we visited one of our favorite galleries Kandlhofer in Vienna.

And of course the awe-inspiring galleries Steve Turner L.A. and Sorry we are closed in Belgium.

A big thank you to the Carwan Gallery, Daniel Palillo, Rachel Maclean, Sorry we are closed and Steve Turner for allowing us to share their Instagram accounts with you!

1. What is the focus of the Carwan Gallery?

The contemporary Carwan Gallery was founded in 2011 by the architects and creative entrepreneurs Pascale Wakim and Nicolas Bellavance-Lecompte.

The Carvan Gallery focus lies in developing cross-cultural collaborations and employing comprehensive design approaches.

They work together with architects, artists, and designers, unifying an exclusive exchange of ideas, influences, theories, and expertise.

Their Instagram page is incredible and one of my favorite to follow!

2. Who is Daniel Pallilo

I first came upon the artwork of Daniel Palillo when I did a story about the 22nd edition of Hydra School Projects on the Greek Island Hydra.

The art show is curated annually through one of my oldest friends, the artist Dimitrios Antonitsis.

Daniel Palillo was part of the group show that took place there this Summer called "POW, BLOP, WIZZ“ and I was hooked!

Palillo’s work has no restrictions, it's a concoction of all things.

Once Daniel Palillo was an eccentric avant-garde fashion designer and still, today has an ongoing cult-like fan base, especially in Asia. You can find some of his designs on his website.

3. Who is Rachel Maclean?

We love the work from the artist Rachel Maclean.

We discovered this wonderful artist during the Curated by Art show, when we visited one of our favorite galleries Kandlhofer in Vienna.

The young Scottish multi-media artist lives and works in Glasgow.

Rachel Maclean works have been shown internationally in galleries, museums, film festivals and on television.

We just cant get enough of her work!

4. What is Sorry we are closed Gallery?

This is a true love story. Even before we decided to start this ever growing project, we were followers of the Belgian gallery Sorry we are closed.

First we were intrigued by the name, and then we loved their selection and have been fans ever since. 

Sorry We’re Closed is a contemporary art gallery created by Sebastien Janssen in 2008.

The focus lies on mid-career and emerging artists from Belgium as well as international artists.

The gallery maintains a diverse exhibition program including special projects such as jewelry, books and music.

5. What about Steve Turner Gallery?

The contemporary Los Angeles-based gallery Steve Turner, was established in 2008. 

Steve Turner made his name by discovering a long list of now prominent artists, who made their debut at the Turner gallery.

Steve Turner not only discovers artists, but he also supports and counsels them on their path to fame. Turner's gratification is the pride he feels for his proteges when their career takes off.

Explore and discover in the gallery his fine exclusive selection of today's most promising contemporary artists.

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