5 top Instagram art accounts to follow

5 top Instagram art accounts to follow
Published on
October 22, 2022

THE MUNCHIES ART CLUB SHARES 5 TOP INSTAGRAM ACCOUNTS TO FOLLOW! We get asked a lot which are our top 5 Instagram accounts to follow. It is a difficult question to answer. There are so many incredible accounts out there we daily add discoveries to the list. Here we share the ones that are top of our list. Inspirational, avant-garde, and state-of-the-art accounts that blow our minds!

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Dominique Foertigs top 5 instagram art accounts to follow | This week from the Dominique Foertig from Munchies Art Club

Dominique Foertig from the Munchies Art Club Magazine shares a selection of her top 5 Instagram Accounts you have to follow.

One is the design gallery Carwan situated in her second home Greece, more precisely in Piraeus the Harbour of Athens.

Coming next Dominique is already working on an article on Athens and its artistic development in the past years. Meanwhile, you can read this great article on the website This is Athens,  a great article about the new exciting gallery district of Piraeus.

Another is an artist Daniel Palillo who caught her eye this Summer at the Hydra School project curated by her friend Dimitrios Antonitsis.

We love the work from Rachel Maclean, our amazing discovery during the Curated by Gallery Festival Vienna, when we visited one of our favorite galleries Kandlhofer in Vienna.

And of course the awe-inspiring galleries Steve Turner L.A. and Sorry we are closed in Belgium.

A big thank you to the Carwan Gallery, Daniel Palillo, Rachel Maclean, Sorry we are closed and Steve Turner for allowing us to share their Instagram accounts with you!

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