Exploring Shapes and Colors: The Abstract Paintings of Motu Christian Steyrl

Artist Name
Motu Christian Steyrl
puplished on
April 3, 2023
motu christian steyrl, contemporary artist, munchies art club

Motu Christian Steyrl

Motu Christian Steyrl,

Motu Christian Steyrl, (born May 20, 1973, Steyr, Austria) - Austrian

painter, draughtsman, sculptor, mechanical engineer and architect whose work

reflects a consideration of the expressive possibilities of mark making,

using different media and techniques.

Motu's work has been exhibited in shows in Austria, Italy and Switzerland.

In addition, his work is in private and corporate collections including the

"Collection Sanziany", one of the biggest private museums in Austria.

Following some early experiments in figurative realism, the artist began to

experiment with abstract and achromatic paintings on canvas and paper.

Motu then started to work figurative and abstract, both fields influencing

each other, often with collages and overpaintings. There were also

experiments with famous paintings such as "Las Meninas" by Velazques or

works by Piet Mondrian.

After that, the artist focuses almost exclusively on abstract works, which

are characterised by freely curls, loops and scribbles on monochrome fields

- the used colors are mostly black, off-white and primary colors, the

implementation often dichromatic or trichromatic.

His paintings often show shapes and irritations with oil paint, acrylic

paint, pencil, crayon, ballpoint pen, wax crayon and charcoal. The artist

also works with computers to create digital artwork, which is published in


A long term project is "Motu is Digging Your World" - where the artist is

digging holes in different places around the world. Among others he dug

holes on the famous "Monte Verità" in Ascona/Italy and on the Popocatépetl

in Mexico - at the height of 10.488 feet above sea level.

In his project "Motuland" the artist works with land - so far he has

purchased two properties, grassland and forest. The goal of the artist here

is to work with the properties and to transform the land itself into art.

The artist states everything he does is painting, it does not matter whether

painting with a brush, drawing on the computer, building an object or

digging a hole.

Images and text courtesy the artist

Images on view in gallery in order of appearance: 

  1. UNTITLED (23-ZA0010), 2023 WIEN, GOUACHE, WAX CRAYON ON CARDBOARD, 70 X 50 CM, 27 1/2 X 19 3/4 IN
  2. TITLED (23-ZA0023), 2023 WIEN, GOUACHE, WAX CRAYON ON CARDBOARD, 70 X 50 CM, 27 1/2 X 19 3/4 IN

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