Discovering the Geometric, Abstract, and Anthropomorphic Forms in Moe Piuze's Art

Artist Name
Moe Piuze
puplished on
March 26, 2023
moe piuze, wall art, wooden sculptures

Moe Piuze

Moe Piuze

Moe Piuze (b. 1977) lives and works in Rawdon, Canada. 

He defines himself as a DIY researcher. His artistic career, spanning more than 15 years, is made up of forays into several disciplines (performance, video, photography, sculpture, installation, print, painting). 

Through his unique approach to assemblage, the domestic and the intimate intertwine to create a playful narrative and poetic testimony of his daily life. 

Over the years, his work has been presented in various solo and group exhibitions, residencies, art fairs, and is part of private and public collections in Canada, United States, South America, and Europe.

He is currently represented by the C.O.A Gallery in Montreal. 

The geometric, abstract, and anthropomorphic forms of his works represent the idea of the body-house-landscape at the centre of Piuze’s practice. 

The body, the house, and the landscape are indeed recurring symbols in his work; they allow him to express his different identities (son, brother, father, partner, citizen, artist, etc.), evolving within a jumble of endlessly changing social conditions. 

Images and text courtesy the artist

Artworks on view in gallery below

1.Seaside Defense: Founded wood on wood pannel, 28 x 27 cm (irregular), 2021

2.Breathing Underwater: Founded wood, burnt wood, plywood and photograph under plexiglass, on wood panel, 152 x 195 cm (irregular), 2022

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