Tradition, Memory, and Gender Roles: Melanie Theoni's Thought-Provoking Works

Artist Name
Melanie Theoni
puplished on
March 26, 2023
colorful paintings, tradition, memory, gender roles

Melanie Theoni

Melanie Theoni

To stand in pairs of opposites, to endure them and to work in them are the main moments of my works. 

Classic Tyrolean tradition - meets modern characters, interpretation, a current, questioning zeitgeist. 

Apparently "natural" and calm colors are discarded in order to create space for intense, provocative color complexes that place the picture as a whole in a field of tension. 

The historical template is torn from a romanticized context and its problems are made accessible to the observer - the "ideal world" breaks into a conglomerate of colors and lets us question the historicity and tradition and gender roles from a new, critical perspective. 

The works ask for a renewed statement from the viewer: Which traditions are still in our memories today – which haunt us, haunt our heads? 

Is this spook well-meaning or not? 

Where can you find the Tyrolean tradition today? 

What is tradition today? 

What role does the woman play? 

How are gender roles defined? 

Images and text courtesy the artist

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