Exploring the Ubiquity of Waste: Marco Robbert Roos' Artistic Vision

Artist Name
Marco Robbert Roos
puplished on
April 1, 2023
marco robbert roos, abstract painting, german artist

Marco Robbert Roos

Marco Robbert Roos

Marco Robbert Roos 1966, Amsterdam, Study de Ateliers, the Netherlands . Lives and works in Cologne, Germany 

I am interested in how waste is distributed in our social habitats - as a plastic bottle on the riverbank.

As debris from language and doctrine in the media. As emotion in ourselves.

The physical rubbish and its clusters in real space - and the rubbish of my psyche network themselves into an abstract elemental tension in my work. The subject migrates to the object. To the anarchistic junk of civilisation.

Rubbish is the constant of our society.

That is why my motifs are everywhere.

They are in things, between things. They are in me.

Contents come from the deep crevices of my brain: my painting is thinking – turned inside out.

For a good year now, I have been creating books with drawings.

These are sorted by month and year.

My "monthly books" bind these splinters and pieces of debris. I use the drawings as an active source for my painting on canvas.

Images and text courtesy the artist

Artworks in gallery below:

1. 2023 | 70x70cm | Oil, Chalk, Lacquer on Cotton

2.2023 | 110x125cm | Oil, Dye, Chalk, Edding, Raisin on Canvas

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