Fluid Narratives: Marcin Jedlikowski's Dance with Abstraction

Artist Name
Marcin Jedlikowski
puplished on
August 7, 2023
marcin jedlikowski, emerging artist, young collectors, artsy

Contemporary Polish artist Marcin Jedlikowski, born in 1985, explores the convergence of painting, computer graphics, and graffiti, weaving abstraction and figuration. His work delves into the information crisis of the Internet age, crafting deceptive forms that reflect his intricate information bubble.

Marcin Jedlikowski

Evolving Perspectives: Unveiling Art's Alternative Narratives

About the artist: 

Marcin Jedlikowski (born 1985) is a contemporary Polish visual artist exploring painting.

A graduate of the Academy of Fine Arts in Krakow. My inspiration is the phenomenon of the information crisis in the age of the Internet, currently lives and works in Poland. 

The center of my interests is the search for space between painting, computer graphics and graffiti freedom of gesture.

Balancing between abstraction and figuration.

I build grotesque, seemingly improvised forms that are a deceptive reflection of the space in which I live.

And I don't mean literally the urban structure of the city or the country, but the information bubble I create, full of fake news, uncertain information, in which I can define more who or what I am becoming than what I am looking at.

I experiment with the stream of consciousness during which images and meanings mix.

In this way, I build various bio-morphic shapes on the edge of pop culture and surrealism, which create their own alternative narrative to the established order. 

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