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September 28, 2021

Lukas Mraz shares his selection of 6 Top Instagram art accounts to follow!

We asked the chef Lukas Mraz to share his top art instagram accounts with Munchies Art Club Magazine. It is always good to have someone else's viewpointespecially if you have coinciding taste in the arts. He is one of the top innovative chefs in Vienna and Austria and comes from a line of great cooks. Enjoy.

What is Mraz und Sohn?

One of the leading restaurants in Austria, with two Michelin Stars. A Family business, the Father Markus and Lukas in the kitchen and his older brother Manuel taking care of the Service.

Quote from the Michelin guide :

Out here in the 20th district, one of the city's most creative kitchens awaits you! In a modern space you are served a surprise menu comprised of a variety of contrasting and expressive dishes with a distinct personality.

Follow the green cucumber on their website: Mraz und Sohn or check out their Insta page.

A big thank you to Lukas for being the first to share his top selection with us and you!

A selection by Lukas Mraz | In alphabetical order the 6 top Instagram accounts :

1. Anton Defant aka Toni_donau 

The artist works range from painting and scenography to sculpture and the design of consumer goods.

2. 3sechzig = Julia Geissler

Creates fantastic ceramics from teapots to vases functional, confrontational, exaggerated and make believe!

3. ForeverKetchup & The healthy times

All about food, friends, art and fun! Publishers of the Magazine „The Healthy times!“

healthy times magazine, lukas mraz, forever ketchup,
Forever Ketchup and Healthy times | out now

4. Germes Gang

Germes Gang is an extravagant and avant-garde Portuguese artistic collective. A group of anonymous artists with a contemporary sense of fun expressing cultural criticism by  transforming famous cartoons and video game characters into their work. 

5. Mafia Mashi - Maša Stanić Photographer

A diarist of her world in her very special way she shares photographs of her friends, herself and her surroundings

mafia mashi instagram account, lukas mraz favorite influencer
Account of Mafia Mashi | Photographer

6. Okay works 

A space to discover young art. A virtual platform, hosting, introducing, supporting and selling work from emerging young artists. 

Lukas Mraz on Instagram and Mraz und Sohn Restaurant

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