From Sweet Loneliness to Vibrant Colors: The Art of Lisa Urakova

Artist Name
Lisa Urakova
puplished on
April 1, 2023
lisa urakova, young emerging artists, emerging art scene,

Lisa Urakova

Lisa Urakova

I love vibrant colors, contrasts and creating mysterious pictures. 

I love being freestyled, never knowing all details in my future artwork, neither the topic. I love the freedom that I have now, that I can change everything in the middle of the process. 

I love the feeling of dry acrylic paints on my hands. 

I love using random items around me to create textures. 

I love the taste of sweet loneliness in my pictures. 

I love showing people everyday motives in my interpretation, just they are changed a little bit in the way I love. 

Images and text courtesy the artist

Artworks in gallery below:

1. «The Sunset» 40x30 cm, acrylics on canvas

2. «Full Moon Light» 60x50 cm, acrylics on canvas

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