Kapurani Bros: An Artistic Duo Redefining Boundaries and Inspiring Reflection

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Kapurani Bros
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June 14, 2023
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Kapurani Bros

Kapurani Bros: Bridging Artistic Traditions and Future Innovations

About the Kapurani Bros

Marjano (b.84) and Denis (b.90) are visual artists and brothers that work as a duo based in Greece.

Their subject matter investigates the art roots and it's future possible directions through painting, sculpting, installation, video art and variety forms of art.

Kapurani Brothers mainly focus upon ecumenical themes.

This is the reason offen they exhibit in monumental spaces such as: Archeological Museum and Munich Cathedral and villa at Saint Moritz.

Also multiple shows in Italy, Germany, Switzerland, Usa, Greece. Their Artworks can be found in collection in Italy, Germany, UK, USA, Singapore, Greece, Qatar, Norway and France among others. 

Images and text courtesy the artists

Images below on view: 

Caption 1: Adam - 40x50, Oil On Wood, Glass 

Caption 2: Elisabeth of Vyshgorod - 55x45 , oil on wood 

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