Figurative Painting Redefined: The Enigmatic World of JURIT

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puplished on
July 3, 2023
jurit, munchies art club magazine


Emotional Landscapes: JURIT's Figurative Art as a Mirror of the Soul

About the artist:

JURIT’s paintings often start with an aesthetic fascination for specific paintings and sketches of the renaissance or baroque times.

During the process he changes their “aggregate state” and brings them into a “different dimension”, transferring them into “the Age of Emojis” (Wolfgang Ullrich, @ideenfreiheit).

A first fast sketch on canvas develops into a steady transformation of the painting as the painting process goes on, so one thing that is “fascinating about these works (and what the viewer will never know), is how many iterations are layered underneath their final form” (@sashabogojev).

In the series "entanglamento" and "triumph - drinking as a solution", for example, JURIT begins with sketches - directly on the canvas - of paintings by Rubens, Caravaggio, and Titian, which in themselves are connected by topic, composition, and color.

Then he starts playing with the composition which leads to a kind of reduction or dramatization of some basic elements in the originals.

This is accompanied by the color game, building up the body of paint layer by layer until a certain intensity is reached.

And then there is his improvisation on the symbolic content, on the figures and their relation to each other.

Here, too, JURIT tries to reach a certain equilibrium of complexity and simplicity which brings the cognitive and emotional aspects to oscillate in strange and interesting ways. 

Images and text courtesy the artist

Images on view below: 

Caption 1: Entanglamento (rubens) - 170x140cm - oil on canvas 

Caption 2: Triumph-drinking as a solution (rubens) | 100x130cm | Oil on canvas

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