Unveiling the World of Jeyoon Ryu's Ceramic Sculptures

Artist Name
Jeyoon Ryu
puplished on
July 3, 2023
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Jeyoon Ryu

The Allure of Ceramic Sculptures: An Artistic Odyssey

Artist Ryu Je-yoon's work Note - Exploration deep inside oneself Thirty years in Korea felt like a dream, and as the epidemic was over the past three years forced him to travel between Korea and Japan. 

The unilateral disconnection from the memories spent in Korea created a big crack in the unity of “self”. In addition to the hardships of life, solitude, incomprehension, and nostalgia flocked, lead to a hectic life in other country as if being swept away by a strong current. 

These works began with frustration due to the above mentioned situation. 

I thought I'd look back at myself and find a way to break away from it by accepting the chaos around me, and to quench my constant thirst in the midst of confusion. In order to loosen the rigid self due to anxiety and escape from the rules and compulsions, he began to form while giving himself up to the passion of emotions. 

The experience of seeing my alter egos in the depths of me being born with arbitrary forms and colors, which I was not aware of, gave me a sense of freedom and a driving force to move on to the next task. 

Images and text courtesy the artist

Images on view below:

Caption 1: Ordinary Hero 8 - The fellow who look faraway / 11 * 6 *39(cm) / Clay, glaze, gold, oil paint, oxide firing 

Caption 2: Ordinary Hero16 - The fellow who wanders through my head 7 / 25 X 19 X 35.5 (cm) / Clay, glaze, gold, oil paint, oxide firing 

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