Exploring the Artistry of Hans Vinzenz Seidl: Reverse Glass Paintings

Artist Name
Hans Vinzenz Seidl
puplished on
June 2, 2023
hans vinzenz seidl, unique perspective, contemporary art

Hans Vinzenz Seidl

Intoxicating Expressions: The Emotional Depths of Seidl's Artistic Vision

About the artist Hans Vinzenz Seidl: 

In his reverse glass painting works, the painter Hans Vinzenz Seidl (*1988, Freudenstadt in the Black Forest) is increasingly concerned with chance that can be consciously influenced and spontaneous painterly snapshots, whereby he intuitively uses a wealth of different painting techniques.

The deep connection to painting shaped him early on, so he processes drastic experiences from his past, as well as from his everyday life, in motifs that seem almost baroque, which are abstracted in his works, but can also be found again through figurative and representational overlays.

In an immersive way, the works reflect certain emotional states as well as states of intoxication and trance, which manifest themselves in his characteristic, wide-ranging color palette.

A formal, contemporary reference to classic reverse glass painting, as well as to informal art, can be seen in Seidl's work and reinterprets it in a new and fresh way.

Recently, he has also been working with painterly elements that, applied to the outside of the glass, open up another level of experience. 

Images and text courtesy the artist.

Images on view below:

Caption 1: Anarchyalchemy | 70*100 cm | Lacquer, oil, porcelain color and ink on glass 

Caption 2: Untitled | 150*105 cm | Lacquer, oil and ink on plexiglass

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