From TV Screens to Canvas: Guillermo Velasco Páez's Lowbrow Art Journey

Artist Name
Guillermo Velasco Páez
puplished on
April 1, 2023
guillermo velasco páez, oil painting, lowbrow art,

Guillermo Velasco Páez

Artist Guillermo Velasco Páez

In my childhood, TV and what I saw there, in some way, has been and is part of my education and the adult that I am. 

I believe that those long hours of drawings or science fiction movies have generated a record in my head through which I filter the daily situations of life, forging my behavior and giving myself a unique and peculiar way of interpreting things. 

The time that I have spent in front of the TV was not wasted time, now I know that I was documenting myself, creating an archive that I can use for my work. 

Seeing how these factors have been so relevant for a whole generation that grew up in front of television and that was later swallowed up by the internet, has led me to want to work on the educational process, the conditioning factors of childhood education and the importance that these have on the personality of the future adult and his day to day life in society for which he was supposedly prepared. 

Images and text courtesy the artist

Artworks in gallery below:

  1. Hygienic hand gel. Oil, acrylic, lithographic pencil and oil pastel on linen.146 x 114 cm. 2021
  2. 15 step. Oil on canvas. 130 x 97 cm. 2021

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