Exploring Surreal Realism: Giulio Noccesi's Artistic Vision

Artist Name
Giulio Noccesi
puplished on
July 16, 2023
giulio noccesi, contemporary painting

Giulio Noccesi

Embracing Contradictions: A Story on Canvas

About Giulio Noccesi:

I’m a 26 years old painter and children books illustrator based in Florence.

I like to paint both surreal and real life scenes, often merging one into the other, by this means i try to represent reality as a whole, comprised of thoughts, fantasies, experiences and misunderstandings.

I like to think that by accepting reality and life as a whole, with all the contradictions, i can somehow accept it and enjoy the most. 

Images and text courtesy the artist

Images on view below:

Caption 1: Uomo est europeo (East european man), 2023, 27x35cm, Oil and Acrylic on Canvas 

Caption 2: Long Playing, 2023, 27x35cm, Oil and Acrylic on Canvas 

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