Symbiotic Art: Painting and Sculpture by Federico Vecchi

Artist Name
Federico Vecchi
puplished on
June 1, 2023
federico vecchi, visual artist, on view summer hydra school projects

Federico Vecchi

Embracing Imperfection: Imprint as a Reflection of Life's Markings

Federico Vecchi tells us a bit about his work:

My body of work consists of different series such as painting, sculpture, drawing and graphics and is characterized by a particular interest in the mutual and symbiotic relationship between painting and sculpture.

The imprint is a theme that characterizes all my research in recent years.

It can be found in the sculptures which are plaster casts created with the aid of precarious and therefore disposable mould built with recycled plastic material from by-products of daily consumption which leaves its mark in the plaster, generating a sort of aesthetic metabolisation of everyday life.

The imprint theme which appears in the sculptures is also leitmotiv of the paintings.

My aim was to imitate digital and graffiti lookalike effects with classical paintings techniques creating figure-ground illusions and lookalike Photoshop effects.

I usually begin with spray painted background on which I paint with acrylic color, then the brushstrokes are partially washed away leaving just an imprint of themselves, later some parts of the painting are masked with liquid clay and sprayed again.

A plainly sculptural material is present in the painting with its absence in form of an imprint.

The technique denies the gesture of painting to counterfeit the pictorial trace which leaves only an imprint of itself. 

Images and text courtesy the artist.

Images on view below:

Caption 1: Formaunica 10223, 2023 | 53x70x44cm | Stained and painted pflaster, jute, wood, metal 

Caption 2: Imprint painting 231023, 2023,80x100cm, mixed technique on canvas 

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