Unveiling the Distorted Beauty: Domi Gratz's Expressive Artworks

Artist Name
Domi Gratz
puplished on
July 13, 2023
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Domi Gratz

Comedy in Tragedy: Unveiling the Playful Side of Artistic Expression

Domi Gratz, born in 1994 in Vienna, is an Austrian artist.

She completed her diploma studies at the Academy of Fine Arts in 2021.

Throughout her education, Gratz began to translate the mediums of painting and drawing onto surfaces such as canvas or paper.

Through her own symbolism and personal visual language, she aims to represent both her everyday experiences (thoughts, imaginings) and socially critical content.

Currently, she is primarily engaged in exploring the various appearances of living beings, recurring patterns, and tactility.

Her working process is always spontaneous and intuitive, which is essential for an unfiltered view of the surroundings.

Her works often exhibit distorted features (e.g., the faces of the subjects) and serve as symbols of tragedy, comedy, and cynicism.

Images and text courtesy the artist

Images on view below:

Caption 1: Spinne 2, 2023, Acrylic, oil paint & oil pastel/soft pastel on canvas, 158 x 104 cm 

Caption 2: Zitronen, 2023, Acrylic, oil paint & oil pastel/soft pastel on canvas, 110 x 90 cm 

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