Discover the Vibrant World of Ceramic Art with Brianna McQuade

Artist Name
Brianna McQuade
puplished on
October 22, 2023
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The young art student and female artist, Brianna McQuade, is showcasing her latest ceramics in Munchies Art Club magazine. Her work presents a vibrant and quirky world. See more on her Instagram and discover her art practice.

Brianna McQuade

Artist Statement: Brianna McQuade

In my work, I delve into the conflicting forces of my mind, navigating the opposing forces that exist within.

Sculptures unfold as I work between spontaneity and meticulousness, managing a tug of war between the obsessive and paralyzed. Clay acts as a tangible representation of the constantly moving, fast paced internal struggle I work to capture.

Art student Brianna McQuade is surrounded by her playful and colorful ceramics. Image by

Levity and satire become my brushes, which humanize and personify repetitive thoughts, compulsions, and anxieties. Humor emerges in a poignant way, becoming my tool to convey distress and fear through a lens of laughter.

Within the exaggerated expressions and comically distorted features of my sculptures, characters begin to tell stories.

Artwork by Brianna McQuade | you're a clown..., 11"x 11" x 7", Glazed Ceramic | Image

Disjointed fingers, nails, and extremities emerge, to take on the quirks and idiosyncrasies associated with repetitive thought patterns—becoming narrative figures in my work. Through their playful demeanor, they reflect struggle and fear, inviting others to witness trails of internal confusion.

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