Dive into Dreamlike Worlds: Experiencing Art by Bettina Willnauer

Artist Name
Bettina Willnauer
puplished on
May 16, 2023
bettina willnauer, tufting artist vienna, munchies art club

Bettina Willnauer

Exploring the Bold Compositions: Colorful Rug and Textile Art

About the artist:

Bettina Willnauer (*1994) is working as a visual artist in Vienna.

After studying at the University of Applied Arts Vienna as well as the Royal Academy of Fine Arts Copenhagen, she started off creating her dreamlike worlds where daily objects, nature and human being meet.

Her practice finds expression in various areas such as textile, painting and installation, always with bold color compositions and an intuitive formal language. 

Images and text courtesy the artist

Following images on view:

Caption 1:

I WISH I WAS, I AM A NOKIA 3510i (IN MIDNIGHT BLUE¯ORANGE) | 2021 | Hand tufted rugs, approx. 50×50cm

Photo: Marlene Mautner

Caption 2:

ALPENMALEREI | 2022 | Hand tufted rug, hand dyed sheep wool | 148x123cm

Photo: Lea Sonderegger

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