Captivating Harmony in Motion: Discover Ben Post's Dynamic Artistic Creations

Artist Name
Ben Post
puplished on
June 14, 2023
ben post, experimental approach abstract art

Ben Post

Captivating Compositions: Exploring the Art of Balance and Harmony

About the artists work:

Ben Posts creative work opens up with the straightforwardness and agility of experimenting, as well as the curiosity for continuous transformation.

Constantly accompanied by the present desire to explore the unknown.

Post considers his working process as experimental composing, where he enjoys the creative process of free jamming and does not focus on intention, purpose, or form.

His intense dynamics and color palette symbolize a way out of the stiff reality.

This leads him to work analogous to music, which is often the inspiration of the names of his works.

The result is not a complete work based on rules, but rather a liberated composition.

It is the stream, the experience of limitlessness and the devotion to a flow of stimuli that allows Post personal access to diverse materials, objects and techniques. 

He places them like melodies, harmonies, and riffs during an endless jam session in new contexts without turning them to something solid. (Painting opens up the possibility of encountering the unknown, which forces Post to react to transformations and the unpredictable and surrender to the ongoing process.)

His creation of an infinite movement allows him to trace a reality through his work that is always in motion. 

Images and text courtesy the artists

Images on view below:

Caption 1: Allow me + 170 x 120 + Mixed Media on Canvas (2023) 

Caption 2: Nissim + 180 x 120 + Acrylic on Canvas (2022) 

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