Dismantling Patriarchy Through Art: Anwar Mahdi's Journey of Empowerment

Artist Name
Anwar Mahdi
puplished on
July 9, 2023
anwar mahdi, contemporary painting

Anwar Mahdi

Breaking Chains: Deconstructing Patriarchal Narratives with Art

Anwar Mahdi tells us a bit about himself:

I’m a Filipinx/Arab artist based in Chicago and I focus on retelling my story of abuse and discrimination by projecting myself onto divine beings, fusing mythological narratives and events in my life in order to challenge and destroy patriarchal ideals upheld within the pantheon.

Images and text courtesy the artist:

Images on view below:

Caption 1: Venus Gaining A Miracle From the Goddess of Stars

Caption 2: Eve and the Femme Angels Taking Over Eden 

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