Colorful Dreams and Hallucinogenic Visions: Anna Andrzhievskaia's Surreal Masterpieces

Artist Name
Anna Andrzhievskaia
puplished on
June 19, 2023
anna andrzhievskaia, online art magazine, young collectors

Anna Andrzhievskaia

Neo-Surrealism Unleashed: Discover the Power of Visual Poetry

About the artist:

Anna Andrzhievskaia is a visual artist, work with painting, graphics and installation, also love doing food performances and wine fountains.

In her artistic practice, she refers to traditional media such as paintings and graphics, as well as to the aesthetics of simple materials such as colored gel pens, pencils, gold markers and copper watercolor.

In her paintings Anna creates worlds filled with surreal images resembling colorful dreams or hallucinogenic states.

Such visual decisions bring the artist’s works closer to surrealism and its poetry.

Her main sources of inspiration are the beauty of natural forms and graphics of video games. 

Images and text courtesy the artist

Images on view below:

Caption 1: On my way, 220*180 cm Oil on canvas 

Caption 2: Mining direction, 200*180 cm oil on canvas 

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