From Turin to the World: The Art of Andrea Colosio

Artist Name
Andrea Colosio
puplished on
March 26, 2023
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Andrea Colosio

Andrea Colosio

I come from a little town in the northwest of Italy but I have been living in Turin for eight years now.

I have never attended any art classes but my love for art, especially 20th century art and contemporary art, made me want to try creating something myself.

I prefer painting above all, but I also use many other media such as glass, chains and screws.

My work is mainly about the human condition in the everyday life, spacing from loneliness to frailty through depression and anxiety but also the brief moments of pure joy of a light life.

Irony also plays a huge role in my practice, it is what it takes for humans to give less importance to whatever could happen in their lives.

I also enjoy painting about other poppish subjects such as the covers of music albums I love or different aspects of the Chinese culture, a country to which I am very attached because of my university studies and personal life.

Images and text courtesy the artist

Artworks on view in gallery below

1."Absolute Purity - We Fought Over the Moon", 33x24, acrylic on canvas, part of the series "Everyone Has Their Own Pop Culture IV"

2."Kids See Ghosts Sometimes I", 100x70, oil on canvas

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